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As soon as I saw the name, I had to have it!

The (CSS) Matrix

Yesterday I accidentally used the inspector on my google chrome browser at work. It was like discovering The Matrix (πŸ˜‚). I managed to figured a thing or two, simple stuff thought, nothing too crazy. But it’s a start, and thanks to Manton for letting us create test blogs to okay around.

Almost did a thing?

A couple of days ago I posted about some of the frustrations I have with my hosted site in A lot of times I get frustrated over little things that normally aren’t, or haven’t be, a big deal but every now and then they come out off the woods to annoy me. And I think most of my frustration don’t come from’s service or options but more from my inability to do or have the things I want on my site, or think I want.

Last night I went ahead and signed up for Wordpress again, even got a new domain name and everything. Then it was time to set it all up. Picked up my theme, a couple of options here and there and (boom!) I had my site! Then it was a matter of download my .xml file from Mb and import.

Long story short, for whatever reason WordPress didn’t like the file I was trying to import, so that started to frustrate me a bit. Contacted the support people (both last night and this morning) and wasn’t much help and didn’t seem like they care.

Anyway, this kinda put some things in perspective a little bit.

  • It is much easier and satisfying to deal with than it is with WordPress.

  • Manton is always listening (and/or reading), more personally involved and always willing to really help. He cares.

  • has served me well for almost a year now, it’s not its fault that I’m so needy (πŸ˜…). It’s working great so why leave my hosted site?

After much thinking and fiddling around, I have canceled my WordPress account and getting my refund.


Happy iOS 13 day peoples! Just keep in mind! All those “friends” of yours out there, telling you not to update, that iOS 13 is bad, to wait for iOS 13.1… They are full of shit! Update your devices to your heart’s content and at your own risk, of course! πŸ˜‚

Man! Why is nobody excited and talking about the fact that Spider-Man: Far from Home it’s on iTunes! Shame on you all!

Day One entry.

An entry from two years ago:

Just a day Today hasn’t been very eventful or exiting. I am still searching for a job, a job I have no idea what and when would it be. I did get my Costco membership like any decent human being does (laughs). Also yesterday I have switched cell phone carriers. I have switched from Verizon to T-Mobile, so far so good, not to many complaints or annoyances. Oh spent some times at the morning office (coffee shop) got a new punch card with 5 punches (score!).

I miss that coffee shop! Don’t miss T-Mobile or being jobless, though.

The monster scared me.

Every other game I was either already playing or looking forward to play, has been put on hold. The reason? Gears of War 5 dropped and I’m a huge Gears fan. It was kind of out off nowhere if I’m being honest, I had totally forgotten about it. Until one day I, for whatever reason, decided to turn on my Xbox One S and there it was waiting for me! Don’t mind if I do!

Now, I have been playing pretty much non-stop since. But, I have been putting it off for the past two days or so. There’s a monster, big huge monster and I think it’s scared me a bit. (πŸ˜‚) Judge not please!

Just the thought of having to fight that thing stresses me out. I don’t like big monsters chasing me, I don’t like that!

Anyway, one day I will brave-up and beat it. As for now, I’ll watch Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba on zee Hulu’s.

Not a Wizard.

Today I had almost signed up for a Wordpress account β€” again β€” almost. This past week or so I have been going back an forth in my head about the current status of my site/blog. Mostly the way it looks, the way I would like it to look, its features and functionalities and how I would like it to function or behave. I love, I love the platform, the community and how simple it can be. You open the the app, you jot down some words β€” publish! Sometimes though, I feel like I’m not entirely happy about how my site looks, or how it behaves or its features. Some of these feature that I like aren’t available across all the templates provides, which is why I am always switching back and forth between them. For example right now, as I’m composing this post, I’m using Kiko with an extensive custom CSS script that I did not come up with. I love this theme, it’s my favourite, however it doesn’t have pagination for example. Because of this reason I often end up switching to other templates, hoping they’ll satisfy my “needs”, but always end up back on the same one and the cycle repeats.

Some functionalities can always be added if desired but is not as easy as turning a switch on and off kind of thing. It involves some programming-CSS-coding-witchcraft that I somewhat understand but don’t know much about. It’s like if I wanted my site to behave and feel the way I would like, I need to be some quasi-programmer-wizard of sorts. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo , now you’ve got pagination good Sir!

(Side note: I will always be incredibly grateful with the Slack/ community, they’re always so very helpful and sometimes I even feel bad because I’m always asking about something. I feel like I annoy them so much, I’m sure one day they’ll just kick me out.)

All that being said, this is why services like Wordpress are so appealing for someone like me. All I have to do is to signup, give them some of my rupees, select a nice looking theme with all the functionalities I need and almost no tweaks from my part. After that, it’s all about what I put there, it’s all about the content and super easy too. I type a bunch or words in Ulysses and publish from within the app! (I wish they would add support for as well though)

Moving to Wordpress may bring some other problems, though. The same problems that made me move to in the first place. Wordpress always gave this anxiety that my blog had to be a “Pro-blog”, no twitter-like short posts, always long format and with a title. This is what I like, among other things, about, I never feel the pressure of what and/or how my post should be.

I don’t know. Maybe I can find a way were both platforms can coexists in some way. I mean, even if I were to move my site to a hosted Wordpress account, I have no intentions of leaving entirely.

Once again, thank you for coming to my TED talk.

I have just almost signed up for Wordpress again, almost.

My 3-year-old can feed the 9-month-old! That means zee wife and I can go out party while Marley takes care of Luna? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

My favourite shirt fits gain. 😜

Do you.

Rene Ritchie:

Never let anyone, certainly not the internet, shame you about your technology choices. If you get something cheaper to save money or you get the most expensive, you’re still every bit as nerdy and savvy. No one else knows your business or gets to judge your choices. Do you.


Alex 🌚:

Never let success get to your head and never let failure get to your heart.


No ouchy πŸ€• will stop her from coming out and hang out with me for a bit. πŸ™‚

When in the woods.

Excellent background music! Dawn by SILENT POETS

Field trip to urgent care.

Well, here’s our first running to our local Urgent Care with Mar. Marley (3-years-old) was playing and bouncing around at grandma’s and hit her forehead with a chair. When it was assessed apparently it didn’t look too bad so they cleaned it up, some ointment and a bandaid was all it took. And she went about her usual ways after that so we weren’t too concerned.

Later at home we went to change the bandaid and realized that it wasn’t as small of a gash as we thought it was.

And to urgent care we go. Not fun, obviously Marley wasn’t thrilled about it. In fact she was very scared. I knew this one was going to be difficult for her, mom (specially mom) and also for the staff at the clinic. Marley is pretty strong when she’s upset or freaking out β€” she can be a handful.

Short story long, she didn’t get stitches as we thought she would. She got her wound “glued” and some butterfly stitches. She’s doing well, she’s been Marley, our normal Marley.

Now, let’s see how the road to “recovery” will be with this one. πŸ˜…πŸ€•


Today I have learned about JOMO “joh-moh”, (🎢 Yomo dale, que tu sabes de eso. Dejale caer to’ el peso πŸ˜…), the joy of missing out. I should probably subscribe to this idea. Every year there’s an Apple Event, and every year (well, almost every year) I say “Nah, I’m happy with what I got”, “I do not need the latest phone” bleh, bleh bleh! But as it was pointed out on this article that I referenced earlier today,

We are also easily distracted by new shiny objects. We’re driven by FOMO (the fear of missing out) and suckers for what Cal Newport terms the any benefit approach.

and also says,

As long as the new and shiny provides some benefit, we’ll happily chase it. Instead of stopping to ask if this is the best thing to be doing right now, we plod along because (at least at some level) it feels good.

The Article touches in something much deeper but given what’s happening in the tech world, sort to speak, these two ideas resonated with me very much when I read it.

I am the one who, since my first iPhone, the iPhone 4, I have managed to upgrade my device every single year. And every single year I find the most little justification, for an upgrade. “Oh the screen it’s better”, “Battery life, the said I get an extra hour, an extra f*cking hour they said!“, “The camera, the new camera is the best!”. Believe me, even if the new phone it’s relatively identical to the new one, I will find a reason to upgrade.

That being said, the truth is, most of the time is just FOMO.

Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”

Almost everyone I follow, listen or read from, will be talking about these new Phones (and Watches) and how awesome they are. Consequently, I’ll be coming up with all these justifications as of why I need to get the latest when what I currently have, is just fine (and I’m still paying for it, thus making my phone bill more expensive than it needs to).

Yes, I could sell my current phone and cost the new one that way but I loath the whole deal of selling things. Which is why it’s a lot easier to just order my new one from Verizon and send them my old one without worrying about the “tear-and-wear” of the device or any of those intricacies.

Did I like what they announced? Yes, very much I did. Would I love to get an iPhone 11 Pro? Heck yeah (that green one looks hot!). Is it the best thing to be doing right now, though?

So, JOMO…?


No, I am not bored about life, not bored about the iPhone, or the iPhone’s home screen or/and my current tech. I feel bored about music, it’s like I can’t enjoy what I choose to listen or whatever the Siri lady picks for me – nothing dazzles me lately. Sometimes I think streaming services have, in some way, ruined the way I consume and enjoy music. Yes, there’s more discoverability but it’s hard to enjoy it all. A lot of times the discoverability or recommendations are not on point and yet I want to listen to it all! Then, when I do discover something I do enjoy, I easily forget about it because whether I intentionally want it or not, I will move on to something else. It’s like I don’t have the attention span for music these days either. This one reason I try to somehow document what I have listened that truly grabbed me, whether it’s here on my blog or Day One, sometimes both.

Is it a weird thing, feeling this way? Is it a personality thing? Or is it phycological? Am I going bonkers? All of the above?

Rob Her de Niro:

Due to financial reasons I will be passing away.

πŸ˜… I can feel this at a spiritual level. Specially with every little thing that Apple announced today.

It feels nice going to your doctor and hear,

You’re doing good! You are making this way to easy for me!

Let’s hope we can keep it this way.


Hairdressers are the cheapest mental therapists you can get. They listen to you, they make you look good and thus, feel good about yourself. Well, at least mine does. Every time we go there is like a therapy session and we come out looking hot as f*ck ! πŸ˜…

Right @litzabel ?


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Been looking for anew fonts/typesets this week. Anyone has any recommendations?

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