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(at Sun Valley Resort)

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(at Boise, Idaho)

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(at Boise, Idaho)

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(at The Record Exchange)

10/365 __TOYS___ __black&whitechallenge____ #blackandwhitephoto #leica25mm #omdem10markiii #m43

(at R Studio)

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(at Freak Alley Downtown Boise)

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(at Twisted Timber Foods & Brews)

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(at Freak Alley Downtown Boise)

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(at Downtown Boise)

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(at Freak Alley Downtown Boise)

___☀️_ #omdem10markiii #mzuiko17mm #m43 #vsco (at Freak Alley Downtown Boise)

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(at Downtown Boise)

__toys___ #mzuiko17mm #omdem10markiii #m43

Marley got me something… – Two Beers and a Marley…

New post !

I kind of like taking pictures.

I have always been a photography enthusiast, starting in college when I got my first “point and shoot” digital camera. If memory serves, it was a Sony (can’t remember the exact model). I remember using it for the longest time, going out on field trips to the rainforest, river mouths, beaches, and canyons. Taking pictures of random rocks and beautiful sunsets in Puerto Rico. This is where my enthusiasm for photography stems from. Years later I moved to the States (to Idaho of all places) and my passion for photography fizzled a little. Mainly due to the fact that I moved to a different environment, to a different scenery. No more beaches, river mouths or rain forests to take pictures of. However, a few years ago, I started to get back into photography again. I just had to adjust and open my eyes to a different point of view — look for different things.

So, what do I use? I’ve never really liked DSLRs because I think they are too bulky and, honestly, a little intimidating. This is probably why I started looking into micro four thirds. Micro four-thirds systems tend to be smaller, that middle point between a “point and shot” and a DSLR (at least that’s the way I saw it). Now I own an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III, usually shooting with a 17mm prime lens. I have other lenses (a 45mm and a 25mm) but some reason I feel much comfortable shooting at 17mm, probably because it works well for most situations.

I do most of my editing either on my iPhone using VSCOcam or Darkroom. Been trying to experiment with other software like Lightroom. I very much enjoy the entire process of exploring, capturing, editing my pictures and sharing my work and the way I see the world but mainly for my own enjoyment. So hopefully I will be sharing some of those pictures here more often. Otherwise, I have some over on my Instagram and feel free to take a look.

Here are some of my favorite shots:


Two Beers and a Marley

For a long time, I have wanted my own blog, a place where I can express myself, talk about things that interest me, and at the same time, have a “site” that I can call my own. I write often but most of my writing I keep for myself in a journal. So a few months ago I thought “maybe I should start a blog!”

So here I am, after a lot of thinking and lots of back and forth (mainly with myself), my blog is set up and ready. There isn’t any specific theme or topic for this blog — just a place to share some of my thoughts.

I want to thank cl1ck4207 on the Twitters for helping me. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate his help.

this little one turns 1 today.

Here we go again #snowpocalypse17 (at Boise, Idaho)

here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo) ? (at Boise, Idaho)

#shotoniphone7 #obscura #obscuraapp #gabytron17

Moving In!

We helped out!

Today our friends Kim and Cole moved in to their new house! We had a lot of fun helping them out despite the bad weather. It was cold and everything was slippery. But we managed to get everything in their new home before it started snowing and that was awesome. What was less awesome was, as we just left. Our car got stuck in the snow! Not fun! If it wasn’t for the help of a random person and our friends (Kim and Cole) we probably wouldn’t have made it out. Needless to say that wasn’t as fun but we made it and that’s all that matters.

All digital

After helping our friends move today. I’ve decided that from now on all books and movies will be bought digitally!

Snow Day

Snow Day

Today we had probably the worse snow day in the past few years, at least to my knowledge. The last time I remember seeing this much snow was back in 2008 when I first moved here. I remember it was mid February and there was still a lot of snow around and yet people say it wasn’t as bad as this year. Regardless, today was a challenge to come out of the house and try to get the kid to the grandma’s and then the wife to work and the worse part of all of it is that for some reason I woke up starving! I was super super hungry so I knew I needed something to eat right away. So I had decided to go to a near by Starbucks after dropping my wife off and get a sandwich or something and coffee, of course. I get to the Albertsons (where the Starbuck it’s located at) and perfect, there was nobody in the parking lot and nobody in the store. I purchased my coffee (Grande non-fat flat White) and my sandwich (Double smoked bacon and egg). Go back to my car and thought it was the perfect opportunity to sit there in my car and eat my sandwich. And just when I was about to get my first bite, another car pulls right next to me! Crap! Now I’m thinking that this person is going to look at me eating. Of all the places this person could have parked — the parking was empty — it parks right next to me! Anyway, regardless I ate my sandwich and continued my merry way to work, which it also was kind of a challenge. The roads were so bad, cars were getting stuck in the snow and everything was slower than normal — a mess to say the least.

Getting back home at the end of the day had the same challenge, roads were bad (specially in the neighborhoods, not so much the main roads) traffic was slower than normal and cars stuck in the snow. I don’t think I have ever shoveled so much snow in my life. I hope tomorrow conditions improve otherwise it’s going to suck a bit.

Thought I’d show up my — camera bag! (as you do) and it’s the Lowepro Event Messenger 100 Camera Shoulder Bag for Compact DSLR or Mirrorless. I think I came across with it on a YouTube video review, anyways, I love this bag it’s compact it fits all my gear and I can carry my camera everywhere with it!

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