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2018 Photo a day 58/365 “I AM THE LAW” #omdem10markiii #vsco #judgedredd #dredd (at Boise, Idaho)

2018 Photo a day 52/365 “Creating” #omdem10markiii #17mm (at Boise, Idaho)

Siri in the tube

The Saturday after it’s release date, I walked into my local Best Buy just to browse around whilst my parents here at at different store.

Siri in the tube


The Saturday after it’s release date, I walked into my local Best Buy just to browse around whilst my parents here at a different store. Little did I know that they would have the HomePod in stock. There was only one Space Gray HomePod left, so I had to pick it up (had to or really wanted to?). Anyway, I picked one up and I have to admit I was never too excited about it before like never got my attention until I saw it in front of me. But after trying the Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) for a while I thought I would give HomePod a try. Also being an Apple Music subscriber it sort of made sense I’d try the HomePod (also since I’m so invested in the Apple ecosystem). I didn’t know exactly what to expect but at the same time, I was expecting it to work somewhat like the Echo did. Set up a timer, reminders, play music and that’s pretty much everything I need (I think). I don’t have smart stuff around the house to control with — yet. So my needs for such a device are pretty basic. My first impressions were this thing is massive — compared to the Echo that is (and yes, I smelled the thing). The sound quality blew me away, I don’t think I have ever owned something in my home that sounded so good. It does a good job at hearing me well most of the time — as long as I say the magic words, “Hey Siri”. But there are a few times were it doesn’t quite work, like I’ll be asking to “Siri in the tube” to play a specific song or artist and it will tell me something like “I cannot find that in your library” (like the other day when I asked for “Medico Brujo by La Banda Algarete”). Or when we tried to play music by Cultura Profetica, we had to ask like in 5 different ways before we got the right thing. Which it becomes a little frustrating at times (especially to my wife, she has no empathy for the machine). Then again, I love how it sounds, it sounds better than the Amazon Echo for sure. And like I have said before, my needs are minimal — for now. I’m hoping that this product will get better over time because right now it feels like a half-baked product. That being said, it’s sitting in the kitchen area right next to my Amazon Echo still debating whether to return it or not.

In other news! I got 2 new video games. Dynasty Warriors 9 (which I have been waiting forever) and Bayonetta 2 for the Nintendo Switch. And I am pretty excited.

2018 Photo a day 51/365 “Prince Vegeta” #omdem10markiii #m43 #leica25mm #darkroomapp #funkopop #vegeta (at Boise, Idaho)

More #rocks #omdem10markiii #m43 #microfourthirds #microfournerds (at Boise, Idaho)

Why I write

I was thinking about why I, all of the sudden, started writing again and having the need to share it. Is it because I’m bored and have too much in my mind? Or simply lost the fear of sharing whatever I write? Also thinking about the things I have been writing about. I am not a tech journalist or critic — nor a professional blogger. I just have stuff in my head and feel like putting them down in words. I feel like most of what I write and the way I write about, it’s more like a conversation I would have with a coworker or a friend. Which it’d make sense that I’m writing more because I have recently lost my job so I don’t have coworkers or many people around to talk about some stuff. And maybe that’s the reason why I feel more and more the need to write, to take things out of my head. Either way it’s seems like it’s been a good exercise. Plus it’s my own blog so I can’t talk/write about anything and everything I want, right? But what had always held me back from sharing my thoughts had been the fear of criticism. The same thing goes for my passion for photography, some people say I take good pictures. That I should put up a website to showcase and/or sell some of my photos. And again, when it comes to photography I am also afraid of criticism. I am my worst critic and I don’t think they are worth showing or sold. Maybe one day I’ll get around that and lose that fear too.

In other news! I don’t really have anything exciting….. I found the Super Mario cereal box at my local grocery store and that made my daughter happy (or it made me happy).

2018 Photo a day 50/365 “” #omdem10markiii #m43 #leica25mm #rocks #buddha (at Boise, Idaho)

2018 Photo a day 49/365 “It’s me MICKEY ” #omdem10markiii #leica25mm #m43 #mickeymouse #funkopop #funko (at Boise, Idaho)

2018 Photo a day 48/365 “Dameron” #omdem10markiii #m43 #leica25mm #vsco #vscogram #lego #legostarwars #poedameron #bb8


Am I the only one who loves the smell of new tech? Let me explain. Since I can remember I have always had a thing for smells, of any kind, but particularly for new tech or hardware. For example, every time I got a new video game, I would open the box and smell it. I would smell de disk and the manual (weird right?). Same every time I’d get a new computer, a new console or a camera. Most recently when I got my 2017 MacBook Pro and my iPhone X, I smelled the crap out of those devices! Also kind of like the smell of new shoes and new cars, I think, but not as much as the “new-tech-smell”. I’m sure I’m not alone on this one but who knows. Or maybe I’m just a weirdo?

164 days

It has been 164 days since I had been forced to leave “my village”. I had lived in this village for 5-plus years, give or take, and I loved it there. It was a nice lovely place, I didn’t mind the early hours, the chores or the occasional troll attacks — I was content. But things changed, things got a little difficult for everybody in the village. Although we were promised many things by the village’s elders, they always seem to have a hidden agenda of sorts. So most of the villagers were unhappy and stressed, I included. Others were indifferent to the situation and didn’t mind much “there’s nothing to worry about” — some said — “we will all be fine, you will see little one” — little did I know.

And thus I was forced to leave the village. Despite my anger and frustration, I do take a lot of good things with me. It was a fantastic growing experience, I have made many many good friends — some even family now — that had always been there for me. I had really good mentors and awesome co-villagers. Had those that would say “it’s dangerous to go outside alone, take this sword with you” or “here’s some healing potions ” as well as the ones that were just not very helpful and difficult. The schemers, the liars and the “nobodies”.

It has been one hundred and sixty-four days and I am still sad (and a bit angry) of what happened. To this day I don’t know what happened or the reasons I was forced to leave. I am still wondering the wild-lands looking for a new village where I can bring my skills and grow within. I do wish all the best to the people that still live there and hoping things get better for them.

2018 Photo a day 45/365 “Koopa walks into a bar” (at Meridian, Idaho)

2018 Photo a day 44/365 “Babies Groot?” #omdem10markiii #45mmf18 #m43 #m43cameras #babygroot #groot #funko #funkopop #darkroomapp (at Boise, Idaho)

2018 Photo a day 43/365 “More Groot” #omdem10markiii #45mmf18 #m43 #m43cameras #darkroomapp #groot #boise #boiseidaho #freakalley (at Freak Alley Downtown Boise)

2018 Photo a day 41/365 “MarMar” #omdem10markiii #17mmf18 #m43 #darkroomapp (at Guru Donuts)

*that time I went record shopping* 19/365 (at Boise, Idaho)

18/365 *i am groot* __black&whitechallenge____ #blackandwhitephoto #mzuiko45mm #omdem10markiii #m43 #vsco #vscogram #vscoedit #potd

(at Boise, Idaho)

*My friend Bowser* 17/365 __black&whitechallenge____ #blackandwhitephoto #mzuiko45mm #omdem10markiii #m43 #vsco #amiibo #nintendo #nintendoamiibo #supermarioodyssey #bowser

-looking for Bruce’s parents- 16/365 __black&whitechallenge____ #blackandwhitephoto #mzuiko17mm #omdem10markiii #m43 #artmode #vsco

(at Downtown Boise)

______ #omdem10markiii #m43 #olympusomdem10 #vsco (at Ketchum, Idaho)

15/365 _daddy’s little helper__ __black&whitechallenge____ #blackandwhitephoto #mzuiko17mm #omdem10markiii #m43

(at Ketchum, Idaho)

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