Excelsior! Rest In Peace Stan.


You wanted people to do good, to be a better version of themselves, to fight for what they believed in: THIS is what made you a real life superhero. Rest in peace, Stan.

Sad day.

People should be grateful to my daughter Marley today. She reminded me this morning — several times — to put pants on.


Is It Too Soon?

Two minutes to close the workout ring, all right, lets plank it!

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba Sithi uhm ingonyama !!!!🎶

Cleaning Up

Removing some old sticker from my MacBook Pro was kind of a pain.

Something I liked this week volume 9. (Again)

This week I had decided to give another visit. I have tried this service before with different approaches every time. Unfortunately always found a reason to stop using it and keep my personal blog hosted with Wordpress. I like Wordpress, it is relatively cheap, works as intended and don’t have to fiddle too much with it. What got me into Mb was it’s simplicity. Wordpress gives me too many options to fiddle with, I know that may sound strange to complain about. With too many options about customizing my site, it’s a problem for me, I can never stick to one theme or design, I am always changing it. With it’s more simple, there are only a few options available and that is it. Yes, you can get a little more technical and change things here and there but that’s not something that I’m neither interested or too knowledgeable about doing.

Anyway, this time around I am fully into microblogging, I am truly having fun with it. Not having to worry about too much about the format I post, it doesn’t have to be long format, it can be a simple post and I don’t feel guilty about it. Yes, it is a very different community compared to twitter and sometimes I feel like I’m having difficulty fitting in. But its definitely a good opportunity to connect with a different set of good people, we’ll see.


I had decided to remove about 50 percent of the stickers I had on my MacBook Pro this morning, it was rough.

I don't have a problem!

Today was cleaning day in our house and of course I got the closet that no one wants to deal with, specially me. This closet houses many mysteries! Nah, its usually coats, shoes and empty boxes, yup, empty boxes. I am a box hoarder I think, I tend to hold on to new-tech boxes and can’t control myself. Why? I don’t know. Is it because they are pretty? Collectables maybe? I really don’t know, maybe I’ve got issues. The thing is that I go through this type of “empty-box-cleansing” a few times a year. This time around this are all the empty boxes I found in my closet.

  • iPad Pro 10.5
  • 2 iPhone X
  • iPhone X🅂
  • MacBook Pro
  • Apple Watch series 3
  • Apple Watch series 4
  • Amazon echo
  • Apple TV 2nd gen?
  • 2 Apple TV 3rd gen?
  • iPad Pro Smart Keyboard
  • iPad Pro pencil
  • Playstation 4
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Super Nintendo Classic Edition
  • HomePod

Seems like I won’t be closing my workout ring today.

The new iPad Pro

Okay, do I want the new iPad Pro? F Yes. Do I need it? No. Would I still buy it? Yes. Can I justify the price tag?…..No.

The new iPad Pro looks like a great piece of hardware And I’m sure it’s worth every penny but is not for me (or is it?). The thing is, I’m sure many people can justify spending this kind of money for the new hardware. People that are looking to replace their laptop as their work machine or people that they just prefer to work on iOS versus a MacOS for example. And I totally get that. I personally own a 2017 13” MacBook Pro and I love it. I love working on it, it makes more sense to me in my head that replacing it for an iPad. I do also own a 10.5” iPad Pro and I love it as well, but is not my main working “machine”. My main use for an iPad, honestly is media consumption, watching videos and reading comics, that’s all I use it for. And thus I can’t justify the new iPad and its price tag, it’s not going to replace my laptop and is not gonna get the kind of heavy-power-use most people will give to this hardware. This why I won’t be buying one, at least for now.

If I were to buy a new hardware it’ll probably be an iPad mini, currently mu 10.5 it’s been taken hostage by my 2-year-old daughter. Playing some kid’s games and movies. So I might get her the mini just so I can get my 10.5 back. Many times I’d rather carry that in my backpack and leave the MacBook at home.

All that said, just watch and see how I get one sooner rather than later!

Marley, 2yo going to 16.

Health Update for November 9, 2018

As far as my weight goes, it’s about the same as a few weeks ago. Some of the changes I have made trying to stay in shape.

  • I have stopped drinking during the week (trying to stick to once a week)
  • I work out every single day, at least 30 minutes (make sure I close all those rings)
  • I run every other day (still sucking at it though)
  • I try to move more often at work
  • Trying to hike more often (as i used to)
  • Less pizza and donuts (so sad)

Like I’ve said, weight wise, I’m still the same. But I have noticed a few little things here and there that make me think something’s working.

  • I can use the second hole on my Apple Watch’s band (before it was the third)
  • Certain shirts don’t feel like I’m suffocating in them anymore.
  • I feel a little more fitted and less bleh!
  • I don’t get fatigued when performing certain tasks at work or around the house.

There’s still a lot of work to do and improve upon. I feel like I’m building some discipline and heading in the right direction. Although, sometimes it feels like it’s still not enough. Maybe because all the working out it’s done at my own house. I am yet to decide on which gym I want to go for whatever reason.


Loving Muse’s new album

Happy Oly-iversary

One Year Ago today I made this entry.

Olympus OMD-EM10 Mark III Today I received my new camera, the Olympus OM-D EM-10 Mark III. Been wanting to upgrade my camera for a while and after watching a couple of reviews it seemed like an obvious choice. The controls and options are easier to access, making it more user friendly. Not just that but the addition of new technology. So it was a justifiable upgrade coming from the first generation or model. So I went out downtown Boise to snap some pictures, using my Leica 25mm lens. It has been a while since I went out so excited about taking pictures so I had a lot of fun.

Gaby’s Log • Wednesday, Nov 8, 2017, 4:21 PM MST • 3047 S Bown Way, Boise, ID, United States • 48°F Cloudy

I am still in love with this camera.

The Impacts of Sleep Deprivation

  • Diminished memory recall
  • Poor mood and emotional regulation
  • Worse cardiovascular and health outcomes
  • Weakened immune system
  • Dampened decision making ability
  • Lowered impulse control
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Decreased alertness

Sounds about right.

It’s not You, it's Me?

What if, this “crusade” to find the “perfect” task manager, is not so much a fault of the app/system itself but me ?

I have been thinking about this for a while. Maybe is not that the application(s)/system I’m using aren’t serving my needs in the way I want to. Maybe is just me and my bad lazy habits and I blame the app for it. When in reality is me saying “I don’t wanna do it! leave me alone!” Maybe this is the mental friction I feel when using task managers. The fact that there’s a system constantly reminding me about things that need to get done and how much of a procrastinator I am. One thing I do know for sure, I need these system in my life in one way or another. I need to get reminded of things. I need to know what’s coming up, more so the “older” I get. Maybe one day I’ll reach a “Task-manager-nirvana” but until then, I will continue in this crusade.


Still playing a lot of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey but probably will drop it a bit to play Diablo 3 on the Switch.

Throwback Coffee ☕️ #omdem10markiii #mzuiko17mm #coffee #coffeeshop #vsco


and there’s a witch ! #halloween #littlewitch #omdem10markiii #mzuiko17mm

Trail tales #omdem10markiii #boise #boisetrails

Something I liked this week volume 8.


Finally! I have started playing Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 this week and I think I now get why the hype. At first I was a little concerned that it was going be too “I-feel-like-I’m-just-doing-chores” type of game but it’s actually not bad at all. There are a lot of missions that may seem repetitive and “chory” at times but they aren’t too annoying. The upgrade system is simple and unlocking new costumes it’s probably my favourite part (I’m a sucker for extra costumes).

I am having a blast playing this game, I highly recommend it (go get it!). Specially if you’re a Spidey fan, you gotta play it!


I cheesed my pants today. 🧀👖

#olympusomdem10markiii #leica25mm

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Liquid gold #Olympusdem10 #vsco

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