Day four.

Another day full of new things! And some familiar ones as well. Today I actually did some lab work, something I was much more familiar with. It’s good to wake up in the morning, head out to work and think:

What am I gonna learn today?

Instead of:

How am I gonna mentally — and emotionally — survive this day?


My Peak Design Everyday Backpack was supposed to arrive today (according to FedEx) but it didn’t. Hoping for tomorrow.

🎒 💨

🎵 ORION by X Ambassadors


This episode of Reply All, freaked me out a little.

Day three.

Field Day

My first field experience today, with this company that is (and also with this crop). There was a lot of dust and corn pollen, yeah… lots and lots of corn pollen. This new gig it’s turning out to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to visit other fields with different crops.

😁 😎 🌽 🌾 💨

Great news, your Peak Design order is on the way!

(doing the Futterwacken) 😁

Day Two.

Christmas came early! Today at work I received two boxes — very much to my surprise. These included a new monitor,for my new office/desk, a docking station, a wireless keyboard (and mouse), a computer bag (which I probably won’t use) and of course my personal work laptop.

Oh! And also got some snazzy new boots (paid by the company of course) for when I go out an about to the field!

I’m liking this gig! 😁

That being said, there’s still lots of stuff to learn and lots of work coming my way, I’m excited!

Digging this album Lover by Taylor Swift

First day.

I have survived my first day at the new job! Lots of information was thrown at me today, so much so that at first it felt overwhelming, that was expected though. I am very excited about his new opportunity and see where it goes. So far the team and the company seem pretty awesome to work with. I am getting all the help and accommodations they are able to provide me with and I feel very welcome.

🍺 Coyote Sunset IPA Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom

  • Style:American IPA
  • ABV:6.7%
  • Rating: A

Notes: Collaboration between Barley Brown’s and Double Mountain.

Well if you don’t like Deja Entendu by Brand New, we can’t be friends. 😅


ABV: 7%

IBU: 11

Hops: Cascade, El Dorado, Mosaic

Malts: Dextra Pils, Pilsner, Unmalted Wheat, White Wheat

Deftones Digital Bath IPA by Belching Beaver Brewery

Style:American IPA ABV:6.8% Rating: A+

She splashes!

📽 Watching:
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

I’m really loving this band Two Hands by Big Thief

🥃 & 📷

🎶 They’re talking about Marley…



The art of Mar… . . . . . #olympusomdem10markiii #olympus25mmf18 #m43 #microfourthirds #microfourthirdsphotography #vsco

And they’ve left!

This morning we dropped off my parents at the airport and they’re heading back to Puerto Rico. And so we are back to “normal” or to our reality, sort of speak. Now the house is quiet and lot less going on, which is nice.

And though I did my best to keep with my “diet” and workout routine, during the week and few days my parents were here, I did fall off the wagon a wee bit. Now that we are “back-to-normal”, I am so ready to get back at it in full force. Don’t think the damage is that big but still.

On top of it, it just hit me again that this will be my last weekend before starting the new job. Already wrote about my feelings on that. Today, more than scared, I am curious. I am curious on how, what it used to be an inconsistent routine, will change. It should be more consistent for sure but I am not sure how it’ll be.


After a conversation with some members of the community, I am back at using iA Writer as my main text editor. I had forgot how nice and clean writing environment this is, specially on the iPad Pro.

Marley Elizabeth Santiago, age 3, the reason I became a father and the reason I drink! 😑😂

So it starts!

Both Onimusha: Warlords and Devil May Cry are on sale, witch one!!??????

BBQer in training

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