Well, this is all there’s left of our snowman ⛄️

If someone cuts me right now, I won’t bleed. But I will definitely drip coffee everywhere!

Every single emotion

They’re velociraptors, testing your fences for weakness.

This quote made me laugh and so true!

Just a taste.

Monday, Christmas Eve, I had a small taste of what’s to come. And most likely sooner rather than later. I was rocking my one-month-old, baby Luna, when an incident unfolded. I’m not sure of the details but all I know is that mama said no to Marley (our two-year-old) about something, therefore she comes crying to papa. So I have my 2yo crying to my face which made the 1mo to wake up. So now I have to girls literally crying and yelling at my face. Oy vey! Like I’ve said I’m sure this is just a tiny little taste of what’s to come with these two girls. 🤦🏻‍♂️

What happens when my two-year-old (Marley) gets ahold of the iPad. 😅

I wish… 😴

State of the backpack, 2018.

Only a few days away from the end of 2018 so I thought I’d give some sort of insight on, what has been (or ended up) in my backpack this year. My backpack of choice is the SYNAPSE 25 by TOM BIHN and I love it! It has all the space and pockets needed to fit all the items that I may or may not carry with me at all times.

Sometimes I may also carry my Nintendo Switch with me, wet wipes and diapers, depending on the occasion. ;)

It isn’t a Puertorrican Christmas celebration without some Coquito.

Why am I obsessed with this twitter account it’s beyond my understanding. 🐱

Merry Christmas 🎁

Zac Cichy:

A bizarre thing is that everyone complains about Windows touch based laptops, yet everyone wants Apple to do the same anyway. It’s actually kind of nutty.

(ding) 🛎

Wondering when is too soon to introduce my daughters to the best Christmas movie of all times — Die Hard.

Luna cries a lot!

A conversation my wife picked up from our two-year-old Marley and her stuffed animal on the way to Grandma’s house:

Marley: “I know baby Una (Luna) cries a lot.”

BF*: I’m sleepy

Marley: i know I’m sleepy too

*BF = Baby Fred (her fox stuffed animal to whom she’s also impersonating)

San Benito

I have not been able to stop listening to this album by Bad Bunny since it came out last night.

Blog upgrades.

I totally stole this Kiko’s customization from Kahlil Lechelt, the “Kiko: System”. I cannot be any happier with my current setup. It is the theme/setup I didn’t know I needed in my life.

My thanks to @ka for sharing this and also to @amit for doing his Weekly Digest which brought me to discover it. I totally would have missed this if it wasn’t for his post.

We Should Replace Facebook With Personal Websites ➝

I very much agree with this.

Sleep tracking and kids.

Every once in a while I question the accuracy of sleep tracking apps. Specially since these days we are constantly waking up every three hours or so. And with two kids under the age of three it’s even more often sometimes. However, this right here seems about right for last night. And also probably the most sleep I’ve had in the last 4 nights.

For something as simple as just going out to get a haircut. The logistics for leaving the house on time are as complicated as going for a road trip — when you have more than one kiddo 😅

First Christmas!

It isn’t Marley’s first Christmas per se. But it is the first Christmas that she’s more aware of what’s going on, the traditions and expectations. She knows what she wants for Christmas and she knows “Santa” is coming. So it’s her first Christmas in that aspect and also our first as parents playing our role in this. I am super excited, I can not wait to leave some cookies and milk the night before. To see her face in the morning when she wakes up and finds her gifts. I am so excited!

So it starts.

Liam’s birthday. – Two Beers and a Marley

This kid, turned one-year-old this week. His name Liam!

How playable is Breath of the Wild without the official guide, I wonder. I’m just afraid of been lost in the game and having to depend of and external resource for guidance. Make sense?

Am I an image hoarder?

I think the answer is yes. I have a problem I think. As I browse my twitter’s timeline I tend to save almost any image I come across with. I follow a lot of comic books artists, cartoonists, illustrators, designers, tech people and so on. So if there’s an image I like, I’ll probably save it to my photos library. Is there a screenshot of a home screen or any kind of image that can potentially be use as a wallpaper, I’ll probably save it. Why? I don’t know. It’s like I can’t help myself. And then I end up with this massive number of images in my photos library that probably 60 percent of these images, I’ll never use at all.

I guess a good thing is, every once in a while I would go through and delete stuff.


Here’s an image I’ll never delete, though.

I’m telling ya, she’s a witch

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