Album discovery of the day 🎵

Cats and Dogs by Royal Trux

Because sharing nice things is good. I have recently discovered CYN, I like her stuff.

It’s always fun when I get texts like this. 😅


With Day One back in my homescreen, I also imported most of my old entries before I had deleted it. And with that I get back the “On this day” notifications. This morning I got this note from 4 years ago. I’m sure I was referencing someone else’s blog post but all I did was taking snippets and entered them in Day One. I remember it was about someone getting tested to ADD. And how his reasons for doing so totally resonated with me and made me think… Should I get tested for ADD?

I have to actively think about maintaining eye contact during a conversation, which usually leaves me unable to listen to what’s actually being said.

fidget constantly and can’t have a phone conversation without pacing all over the place.

So I’m enjoying fewer and fewer games because there are a ton of games I should enjoy “in theory” given my tastes, but my attention span cuts that off at the knees when I actually sit down to play them.

I fiddle with my phone constantly, refreshing Twitter every fifteen seconds even though I know logically that nothing’s changed (and even if it has it can’t possibly be important); knowing that something is happening and needing to know about it is such a powerful distraction that I can’t stop myself

All this points are still relevant to this day.

I am… balanced?

Not for nothing but The Messenger it’s pretty swell!

A very simple rule

Don’t think too much about your life after dinnertime. Thinking too much at the end of the day is a recipe for despair. Everything looks better in the light of the morning. Cliché, maybe, but it works.


Luna and Monument Valley

🎵 ‎‎Monument Valley (Original Soundtrack) by Stafford Bawler, Obfusc & Grigori

Played this album to baby Luna to get her to sleep. It totally did the trick — today that is.

Oh! Happy Three Kings Day!

I did a thing!

Not long ago I posted about basically me deleting Day One and how I now keep a “journal”. Well, today I have installed Day One again, after listening to the Automators podcast episode #14: Automated Journaling. At one point in the show, if I recall correctly, they mentioned something about been able to automate journal entries into Day One using IFTTT. The idea is that anytime I publish something to my it will also create a journal entry in Day One. This idea to me, was reason enough to give Day One another run.

…blogging (microblogging now) became my way of keeping a journal

Since I have changed the way I do journaling, making automated entries without changing my workflow made sense. I created and applet in IFTTT for this purpose. And as expected, all the work it’s behind the scenes and it works perfectly (so far).

I want to thank @ronguest on for helping me setting this up. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate his help.


I am continuing with my photography challenge. It’s a new month, that means a new lens to use. I’ll give some kind of update soon. ;)

What do you want to learn? - AUSTIN KLEON

Found this, kind of randomly, in my car the other night. I am yet to figure out what am I gong to do with (or put in it). Does that makes any sense ? Will see.


I have been doing some clean up in the past two days. More like trying to simplify, if you will. I guess that’s the theme for this year — Simplify.


In an effort to make Instagram a little more enjoyable again I figured some clean/simplification might help. I went through and unfollowed a lot of accounts. Again, trying to make my time line more simple and relevant to me. However, all the adds are getting more and more annoying.


Unfollowed, unfollowed… and more unfollows. Had to! It was long time overdue. Did some serious clean up to my timeline, again, simplifying (in a way). I realized I followed to many tech people (that complain a lot), tech news accounts, useless ones that don’t add any value.


Too many shows around the same topics over and over. Recently I have been subscribing to some new shows that I am really enjoying that aren’t necessarily tech related and unsubscribed for many tech related ones.

Task Managers

Instead of struggling with finding the “best” one or the most suitable. I basically went back to a simple system — Reminders. I have realized that I don’t need a complex system for the few tasks I have. I just need a place to capture things, that’d be Drafts and a place with lists and notifications. So reminders works fine, although I am using GoodTask 3 : To Do List to manage my tasks/reminders.


I was looking through all my subscriptions and realized that I had way too many. Specially for apps that I already have another app that does the same exact thing but without a subscription. Or subscriptions to apps that I no longer use. So I cancelled a lot of them. Some of them I’d still love to support them even if I don’t use them as regularly, but right now I need to save as much as I can. It’s is what it is, I guess.

That has been some of the changes I have been making so far. I am sure I’ll be making more changes in order to make things more simple and a little bit minimalistic.

So yeah, Simplify


I have never been so much of a Star Trek guy. So a coworker today suggested a couple of movies to watch. Will try to check them out soon.

PubicZirconium 🌈💎🚩💎🌈:

never understand why they went with smokey the bear over buffy the campfire slayer

This made me giggle 🤭

Now playing: This Amount of Songs Almost Broke the Internet, Vol. 4 by Andrew Applepie 🎵

Marley and Luna


Austin Kleon:

Pick up each of your children and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?”

Mumblings - The Mainstream Conundrum

These platforms do not need to disappear; we simply need to put them in their place.

A hundred percent this!

My two-year-old calls is Totodo! :)

Since the beginning of the year (so 3 days now?) I have installed and deleted OmniFocus of my phone, at least five times already. What in the world is wrong with me!?

Happy Birthday Alexander Gabriel. 👼

A Marley Day

This morning I had my two-year-old almost convinced to call my boss and tell him “Papa isn’t going to work today, he’s taking a Marley day”. That was until I pulled out my phone. Oh well, I did try. Maybe next time.

I don’t remember how I came across with this album but I am glad I did, it’s great! Life Is Eazi, Vol. 2 - Lagos to London


Well, we just finished watching THE MEG. And We enjoyed it, I’m a sucker for shark movies so I can’t help myself (except for the shark-nado ones, those shouldn’t exist at all). Anyway, funny thing about it though, we started watching this movie “last year”. Guess that’s what happens when you got kids. 😅

First Beer!

Beta Wolf 2.0 - Sour IPA by Barbarian Brewing 2016

First beer of 2019.


Brewed by: Barbarian Brewing

Style: American IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 6.50%

Rate: ⭐️⭐️

It’s actually a sour IPA. This one it’s from the 2016 badge, very different from its current production.


One of my goals for 2019 it’s to limit my social media presence, in some way. I am yet to decide whether to close both my Facebook or instagram accounts. Or to keep them and just don’t be so engaging in them. This morning i woke up, a new day and a new year, also very exhausted. And had this idea of revise my instagram account and figure out what is it about it, besides the obvious (another Facebook platform), that I can maybe fix to make it enjoyable again. I started by bringing down my following count to half. So many accounts of people I don’t know or their work doesn’t not inspire me anymore. People that I followed just because they followed me. Celebrities accounts, even other photography enthusiasts. Tryin to bring back my instagram to a much simpler timeline and the reason I enjoyed using it in the first place. And even after all, it’s still a little aggravating scrolling and see more adds that pictures I’d love to see. I don’t know how at one point I was able to ignored them, perhaps because they were static images but now are full on videos, at least on my timeline. So it feels very intrusive and takes away from the joy of seeing others people’s legit content. I really don’t if I want to delete it. But at the same time it’s something I’m having a hard time with.


It’s a new year, 2019, let’s make the best of it.

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