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On how to not give a fuck.

How to not give a fuck – Life Lessons

The Paradox of not giving a Fuck “I’m pretending I don’t give a fuck by saying “I don’t give a fuck”, and by putting that out there, I’m making a conscious decision to not give a fuck, but in doing so, I’m giving a fuck about not giving a fuck. Which means you give a fuck.” – Joe Rogan

Don’t remember how I came across this article but somehow it made it to my “read-it-later” pile (which usually it’s a note in the Anyhow, the more I read this quote the more it breaks my mind in some ways!

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Fun times!

It’s seven fifteen, finally get to leave work and head home. Not before I stopped at my local Apple Store. I had “broken” my computer over the weekend and today was my appointment at the Genius Bar. Needless to say, my MacBook Pro is alive and kicking, all is good in the world, I’m heading home. I finally made it home, it’s around eight thirty, usually the girls are both asleep by now. As my normal Tuesday nights, I got out of the car, took the trash out, I hadn’t even closed the garage door when I get text from my wife asking if I had made it home. She was in the middle of taking a bath when baby Luna (2mo) started crying. I went in the house dropped all my stuff, grabbed Luna, I figured she was hungry so I start preparing her bottle of miracle grow. And, a soon as I got done with it, Marley (almost 3yo) shows up! “Papa I want milk”

Now it turns into a “divide-and-conquer” scenario. Luna’s milk is ready, my wife is done and she takes over. I go and prepare a bottle for Marley and head over to her room with her until she falls back asleep. She goes back to sleep and I go back to the living room to find out, Luna is still hungry, I prepare another bottle! And, as soon as I’m done preparing the second bottle, Marley, shoes up, again. Back to her room with her I go!

Now Marley is sound asleep, I don’t hear Luna crying anymore — it’s over!


Now Luna is fighting her sleep and I take over. It is now it is a little pass ten o’clock and its finally over.

Fun times!

Can I have a glass of wine now, before bed?


The Nintendo Switch surpassed the PlayStation 4 as the best-selling console of 2018 in the United States.


The80sForever ~ I❤80s:

35 years ago on this very day 22 January 1984, ‘Airwolf’ first aired on TV.

Wow! I do remember watching this show when I was a kid.

One of the best reasons for getting rid of a bunch of the things you own is that…


Because I couldn’t help myself (and it would match my blog better) I got a new domain name 😐

Never realized how much I used my “wedding-ring-finger” to type until I hurt it today.

Happiness is fizziness

(me and a coworker talking about fizzy water)

Really enjoyed today’s @monday, as always and specially when someone says nice things about my country of origin (Puerto Rico). I don’t hear nice things about as often these days, thank you @annie and enjoy the islander lifestyle. 😁

Observations 🔗

Observation of Things and OmniFocus

When tons of items show up in the today view because the “when” date is today, it’s somewhat annoying to not be able to filter OUT items by tags. This is where OF can feel calmer. You can build perspectives to only see what you need to.

Although I am still experimenting with Todoist. I couldn’t agree more with this observation by Adrian

Testing Spotify, again sort of. Seems like the audio quality is better on Apple Music, at least when streaming over celular. I do have all the high quality options on in Spotify.

Today, Two Years Ago.

inessential: Today

Today wasn’t so bad. Sure, the enemies of democracy, the Constitution, rationality, compassion, national and international institutions, decency, competence, ethics, art, science, and truth itself — and of anyone who isn’t a white man — now darken the offices of power. But they haven’t done much yet. The bad days are still to come.

My loathing and contempt for President Trump feels complete — but it isn’t. It will continue to deepen.

20 Jan 2017

I remember this post very clearly. And I get a reminder every year about it.

Well, we are having some moony strange phenomenon tonight. I am sure this will affect the kiddos somehow tonight. Tomorrow is going to suck 😅

New music. 🎵

Between here in and Twitter, I have come across some new-to-me “listening material”. Haven’t had the chance to listen to any of it yet but I’m looking forward to.

I broke it!

A long time ago, I remember listening to The Talk Show, the special guest was Merlin Mann. I don’t remember exactly what was it about, but what I do remember was Merlin saying something about, you don’t wanna do anything computer related while having a holiday party.

I should have listened.

Last night, for whatever reason, I thought it was a good idea to restore my MacBook Pro. Some things weren’t working right and also I didn’t be wanting to be running a beta anymore. I have done this before, many times over, and still I did some research before going in. I don’t know exactly what I did, what I deleted that i should have or what, but things weren’t going great. I contacted apple through the support app, chatted with a gentleman called “Tim”, very nice guy. He tried to help me out the best he could, kept getting errors. Until the computer just went caput and when I tried to reinstall the software, there wasn’t a drive to install it to. So MacBook is a paperweight right now. Sad!

At least I knew in my heart I screwed up, something, not sure what but i did. Tim set me up with an appointment at the Genius Bar for Tuesday.

Yeah shouldn’t be messing around with my tech while I have been drinking. It was a delicious beer though!

I don’t think this is a good thing to see when your turn on your Mac 💻 😐

I dislike been torn between two apps, it is not good for productivity, but mostly, for organization. Right now i am between Ulysses and iA Writer 😐

I squeeze her (Luna) gently

Marley, age two

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Privacy means people know what they’re signing up for — in plain English, and repeatedly.

— Steve Jobs

peanut butter chocolate chip cookies are ze bests! 🍪

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