Commuting Tales, Vol 10.

On today’s commute! Another smooth ride to works, cold morning, not too much traffic. Left the house on time which helps with not having a lot of traffic I guess. Pretty uneventful, well, I saw one small accident. Apparently, a deer tried to T-bone a large FORD pickup, it seemed like it didn’t go well for the deer and only a dent on the pickup.

I don’t like that the fact that Instagram is the “only” service β€” that I know and it’s most popular β€” to enjoy other people’s superb photos. So many good photographers that I wouldn’t know where else to find their stuff.

Don't Waste Your Time.

I was listening to one of the episodes from The Joe Rogan Experience with Malcom Gladwell. It’s a pretty long episode, in fact, I haven’t even finished it yet. As most of these episodes go, they talked about different things but one thing struck a cord. I can’t remember exactly how they got to this or what the specific topic of the conversation was but here’s the gist of it.

(Side note: I am not going to do a direct quote but rather put together the bits and pieces that stuck in my head.)

He [Joe Rogan] was saying something along the lines of don’t waste your time in things you don’t like. That you only have so much energy, to waste it on things you don’t like, on things that have nothing to do with you.

I believe there so much truth in that. This is something we all see on the internet everyday. People criticizing and wasting energy bashing on all the things that they don’t like.

Any form of art is very subjective and there will be many things that we will come across that we’ll dislike but doesn’t mean we need to put our energy in criticizing when other people do. It doesn’t mean they’re wrong, we all like different things β€” we have different tastes.

I am very selective with whom touches my hair. Tomorrow I have a haircut appointment with my favourite hairdresser of ….10 years or so now? She makes me look fracking sexy every time ! πŸ˜…

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Today I broke my personal record on parallel grip pull-ups! Call me Super-Saiyan Gabz πŸ’ͺ🏼πŸ”₯ πŸ˜‚

Luna Turns One!

The big birthday party celebrations are tomorrow with the family. Of course we had to do a VIP session at home. 🧁πŸ₯³

I might have to do a little social media blackout until I can buy all the games that have just come out recently. πŸ˜…

Not for nothing, but a nice dark-murky Stout beer sounds pretty good for tonight. Although it’s not required, if it’s bourbon barrel aged, even better!


This girl right here, turns one today! Where did the time go? To me it was yesterday when I wrote this post and she was so tiny then.

Happy birthday baby Luna.

I can not, for the life of me, think of something in which I can articulate the word neck with. That being said, I refuse to miss a day/word on this MicroblogNovember shenanigans. 😁


Ever since I stumble upon this post by Nicholas Bate, it’s been on an open tab in my browser to reference it every day if possible. I loved every bit of it even if there are a few things I can’t do, like walking the last part of my commute, but it makes total sense and it’s inspiring.

Basics 7: Daily

  1. Act sooner rather than later.
  2. Remember they have had a hard day, too.
  3. Walk the last part of your commute into work if at all possible; it’s a great transition from one bubble to another.
  4. Keep the ritiuals for security, comfort and productivity. Do some new stuff for fresh thinking, excitement and keeping you young in mind.
  5. Don’t let anyone spoil your day.
  6. Take at least one of your coffees on your own plus paper notebook and pencil and capture….
  7. Reasure yourself you are on a planet. Walk real earth, observe a true horizon, feel the weather.

To re-post or not to re-post?

Yesterday I presented a question, asking about what most people do when updating a blog post. Whether they update and let it be or update and repost, something along those lines. I got very good responses from the community, my thanks to all of them.

Here are my thoughts on it. The way I feel about it, if I post something and it has grammar errors or typos (which happens all the fracking time), I update those the best I can, whether I notice them myself or they are pointed out and let it be. My dilemma comes when let’s say I post something and then I go “Oh! I forgot to mention this thing and/or clarify this other thing!” So at that point. Do I add whatever I want to add (let’s say it’s a whole paragraph), delete the old post and reposted but with a note that says “update”? or, Do I just add whatever needs to be added, still annotate that there’s an update but don’t re-post?

I have never done it, yet, but the reason I may consider re-posting (if there’s a significant update to my original post, that is) it’s because no one will know that something has been changed or updated unless they stumble upon my post after the fact. Or if they have an RSS reader application like Feedbin that actually – if you didn’t know – tracks changes and I think it actually brings the article (or post) back to the unread list if I recall correctly.

I don’t know, unprofessional blogging shouldn’t be this complicated I think (πŸ˜…) but sometimes I like to overthink things, thus overcomplicating things in the process.

Again, thank you all for your input, I truly appreciate it.

First work related trip scheduled! Going to Yuma, Arizona the first week of December. 😁

Micro and macro blogsters alike! Heed me! I have a question! If you make a blog post and several minutes later, you update such post. Do you just update and let it be or do you delete the original post, add whatever needs to be added and repost with the an update note of sorts.?


Tips for Having a Great Day

Connect with another person βœ‹

Complete your most important task βœ…

Read something inspiring πŸ“š

Fit in some physical activity 🚲 Find time to unwind 😌

Cutting Down On Them Subs (for now).

It makes me sad having to cancel many of my subscriptions, especially for apps that I use regularly. I need to be more mindful where my money is going and how many subscriptions I have, I wish I was able to afford them all at the moment. However, this doesn’t mean that I have other apps that are just as capable that don’t require a subscription. Sometimes it’s a matter of preference or… I don’t know what else honestly. For example, I canceled Ulysses, I really like this app, I like the interface, the way it organizes things and of course I like the icon. But I have iA Writer, this one I don’t pay a subscription and it works just as good, and some people may argue that it’s better than Ulysses. I have canceled Feedbin, as much as I love the service any of the free options would work just fine. I don’t fallow that many sites, the only thing I’ll miss is how fast it works. I won’t see the articles in my RSS app as soon as they are posted but that’s okay, it’s not like I read stuff in real-time. Carrot Weather is another subscription that, is not canceled perse, it’s more like it’s on hold awaiting review (πŸ˜…) since it’s not supposed to renew until next year anyway, oh! and Apple Arcade, unfortunetly. The only subscription I have left, as far as apps/services go are Drafts, obviously, Cascable (this app is paramount to my photography workflow, I use it to transfer RAW files from my camera to my iOS/iPad devices) and Apple Music.

I still have Netflix, Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+ thanks to my brother in-law, or/and to Verizon since the 1st year it’s on them for whatever reason but just the regular not the bundle, hence why we are using my in-laws account (for now). Apple TV+, somehow I got a free year, even though I did not buy a new device, I still got my iPhone XS.

Many of these subscriptions are relatively cheap, but they do add up very quickly!

Emilio Lopez (AnimeNYC AA C8):

In a way #Deathstranding is a bit like the movie #Bladerunner. Bladerunner is not a party film. No instant gratification all the way to the end. You have to be open to it and let it do what it needs to do.


// Trying to get Marley (age 3) into the car this morning.

  • Me: Marley get in the car, move it.
  • Marley: 🎢 I like to move it, move it 🎢
  • Me: 😐🀣🀣

When I grow up, I want to take pictures like this. Pictures by Travis Jensen.

Commuting Tales, Vol 9.

This morning’s commute was pretty light, not a whole lot of traffic (at least in my direction). One thing I did notice though, I saw many people in the opposite direction, first, they were moving much slower of course since most of the heavy traffic it’s in the opposite direction. Second, most people, at least 2 out of 5, were all looking down. They were most likely looking and doing something on their phones. No wondering why I see so many accidents in that direction of traffic.

Today I broke my own personal “record” on the incline bench. Probably could’ve gone a little heavier but I was on my own and, I never train to failure. In other words, I try not to reach the point where technique starts to break down (as they say). Anyhoo, kinda proud of myself.

Don’t know about you all but I’m more excited about X-MEN and DARKWING DUCK! 😁

You know things are rough when it’s almost 3 o’clock and you get up, go to the breakroom, pour some coffee in your mug and walk away. No sugar, no creamer (it’s breakroom coffee, you gotta dress it up a bit) and the coffee is cold! 😝 It was either that or cocaine, πŸ˜‚ (kidding)

πŸ”— BOB-SAGET Facebook!

The Verge

Facebook’s iOS app might be opening the camera in the background - The Verge

people have reported on Twitter that Facebook’s iOS app appears to be activating the camera in the background of the app without their knowledge. Facebook says it’s looking into what’s happening.


All I have left is to get rid of Instagram too. This is just outrageous, if true.

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