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Well, my end of the year self-evaluation was due today. Of course, I forgot all about it! Damn it OmniFocus! (well, I didn’t even enter it in OmniFocus, to begin with 😝)

Keybase security is no joke. I had to create a new account, PixelGabz. Mainly because I didn’t want to wait 5 days for the old one to reset.

The devil is in the detail

I have been humming this song at my desk since I got to work. I have a feeling my office mates might be asking what’s wrong with I. Callaita by Bad Bunny & Tiny.

🎢 Ella es callaita

Pero pal’ sexo es atrevida, yo sΓ©

Marihuana y bebida

GozÑndose la vida, como es 🎢

🎡 Now Playing Hollow by Breaking Benjamin

Love left me hollow I’m with you in the end Cold, crippled, and shallow Don’t leave me here again

Weeding Out my Lawn.

Yesterday I ranted a little bit about declaring podcast bankruptcy – again –and how my way to deal with it was to delete the current podcast app I was using and install a different one.

Instead of weeding out my current lawn, I just moved to a different house, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty (πŸ””).

Well, turns out I like my current Podcast app, which is Overcast. There a few reasons, mainly because, I don’t really know why I just do (πŸ˜…). The thing is I went through it and unsubscribed from all the shows I wasn’t really paying attention to. Deleted all the old episodes of the ones I do and just kept the most recent one for each show.

So Many Games.

So many games, so little time (and perhaps also so little money). Been a gamer, or video games enthusiasts, used to be a lot easier back in the day. Nowadays, not so much! I have been playing video games since forever. The first console I owned I remember was the SEGA Master System. Does anyone remember Alex Kidd in The Miracle World?

Anyhoo, I am still a video game enthusiast these days but as I get older and life gets more complicated, there is less time and patience for video games, sadly enough. There’s very little time for playing, especially when you have kiddos. I currently own a PlayStation 4, Xbox One S, a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo DS XL (that I barely use at all). Oh! and still, have a Super Nintendo (both the original and the mini one that got released recently) and a GameCube.

I lost my point…

The thing is, I wish I had all the time in the world to play all the good games in all these consoles and systems that I own. Sometimes I want to play games out of nostalgia, Like Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes for example (Nintendo’s remake of Metal Gear Solid from PSone), or Xenogears from PSone. Lately, I have been wanting to play Horizon Zero Dawn for the PS4 again or some Halo on the Xbox. Then on top of all these, you got all the cool Nintendo Switch games that had come out that I also want to play. like Zelda Link’s Awakening, (finish) Astral Chain, Pokemon Shield, (finish) KATANA ZERO even when it’s too difficult and have no patience for it, (finish) Dragon Quest XI (which apparently I lack of the attention span necessary for this game), (finish) Fire Emblem: Three Houses and for whatever reason, I always come back to lay Diablo 3, it’s such a great game. Like I have said, so many games!

One thing I have also been doing in the recent year or so, it’s buying games I already own in other consoles on the Switch as they’ve been coming out. A few examples would be Darksiders and Dragon Ball FighterZ and some other remakes like I want The Witcher III for the Switch as well among others. It’s so much more convenient to play on the Switch these days. I mean with the consoles it seems like it takes forever to just start playing. Plus I can play the Switch while the lady is watching TV, I can take it with me, the games load right up and I can put it aside if I need to take care of something and pick up right where I left off without too much hassle.

Again, I just wish I had more time and attention span!

Fun At Work and Safety.

Today was the company’s Anual Safety Pause, I believe it’s called. Basically they stop everything we are doing and have some kind of activity to raise awareness about safety. I’ve only been working here for about three months now but it seem like every year it’s a different theme or topic.

This year was all about safety while driving and the way they did it was quite fun. We went to this warehouse open space area and they had setup some sort of obstacle course. They had this path and they had tiny houses made out of cardboards and a crosswalk and they also had people by the tiny houses with play balls, simulating children playing. Also they had someone with a stop/go sign, kinda simulating a stop light at the end of the course.

With that setup, okay, in this facility they use these kind of electric tricycle looking vehicles, to haul some carts with whatever material, most likely seed. So we were driving this things through the “obstacle course” under different scenarios and talk about them. In my group there was three of us and, yours truly, was the second person to go. My scenario was about driving under drowsiness.

So I’m driving the electric thing and I’m wearing these glasses πŸ‘“ and as I was driving someone would make the glasses go dark, I couldn’t she shit β€” pitch black. Sort of to simulate when you kinda close your eyes for a few seconds. I didn’t ram over anything or anybody, didn’t hit any of the cones, I think, and I had fun and learned a few facts that I have just probably forgotten. Oh that losing about two hours of sleep or so, our alertness is similar to the effects of a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05%. So by definition I was drunk driving this morning (πŸ˜…).

I think, since I’ve owned an iPhone, starting with the iPhone 4. Today is the second time ever that, somehow, I have let the phone land face down to solid asphalt.

Today I learned:

Research found that after 17 hours without sleep, our alertness is similar to the effects of a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05%, which according to U.S. law is considered “impaired” on the legally drunk scale.

Yikes, I need to sleep more.

This, is a test and I blame @jack πŸ˜‰

On Podcast Bankruptcy.

Last night, well more like yesterday morning, I have decided to declare podcast bankruptcy – for the 10th time (πŸ˜…). I wish that Overcast, which is my prefer podcast player (as of ten minutes ago) had some sort of Nuke Everything button, that way I could start fresh. Also, it would be nice if it had an inbox system more as Castro does, where episodes just don’t get piled up in the queue, I can simply tirage what I want to listen vs what I don’t want to listen. So, I have just downloaded Castro, and instead of restoring my backup I exported my OPML file from Overcast but only subscribed to the show I do tend to listen to almost every episode of. Sound good right? Instead of weeding out my current lawn, I just moved to a different house, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty (πŸ””).

Problem solved! (Or so you’d think) Here’s my new problem now. Ninety percent of the time I listen to podcasts at work, of course, I work in front of a computer all day so listen to podcasts is a thing I do while doing work-related stuff. Also, I not only listen to podcasts while working but I use Overcat’s web app and not the actual ios app. This is because I usually have my headset on that’s plugged to the computer. But Castro, as far as I can tell, it doesn’t have a web app which, I mean, it’s not like a big deal, I do have my AirPods always with me but it is nice to be able to manage everything on the computer. It didn’t interrupt my workflow in any way if that makes sense.


I found my wallet! All is good in the world! Apparently, it had been lost for a day or so. Glad to have it back, it was in my fancy backpack the whole time, just in a different pocket than it usually is (πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ).

🎢🎢🎡DropKick Murphys Kiss Me, I’m #!@‘faced

So kiss meeeee, I’m shitfaced. I’m soaked, I’m soiled and brooown. In the trousers, she kissed meeee And I only bought her one round…🎢

Overcast needs a Nuke-everything button for when some of us declare “Podcast-bankruptcy” πŸ˜…

This album, Mind the Moon by Milky Chance, it’s my new obsession.



  1. (of something perceived as hostile, threatening, or negative) become less intense or widespread. “the storm suddenly abated”
    • cause to become smaller or less intense.“nothing abated his crusading zeal”

    I had to – as you can tell – Google this word. I was not familiar with it. I have probably heard of it before but I have personally never used it.

The trio! (Marley, Liam and Luna)

More from Luna’s event.

She fly ! πŸ•Ά πŸ₯

πŸ”— A diagnosis is not an identity.

A diagnosis is not an identity by Jeannie

I have autism, avoidant personality disorder, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder. I am not the sum of my diagnoses. I am Jeannie; a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a human being. I am smart, strong, and self-aware. I refuse to let a medical term dictate my abilities or confine me to a symptom list. These terms, to me, are merely means to find ways of counteracting the shortcomings these medical conditions have imposed on me.

Very well said Jeannie. πŸ’œ

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III // 17mm f1.8

Build A Bridge - Live by Nahko and Medicine for the People

I’ve come to build a bridge

So come, let’s build

Build, build, build

I have come to build a bridge

So come, let’s build

The cousins.

Luna Isabel

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