My Instagram is getting the cuties.

I remember when I had Facebook, I would scroll through it, as you do, and every once in a while, or rather, more often than not I would find a post that would make me go “Oh-my-god you’re an idiot”. Sometimes it was something political or a very misinformed opinion over something. We all have seen those post, the ones that make you want to comment but you’d much rather “bite your tongue” instead of starting something. Because of these posts and many other reasons that I won’t be getting into, is the reason why I closed my facebook account. It was full with news and opinions that i either didn’t agree with or didn’t care about instead of good content and human interaction.

Even though I did close my facebook, I kept my Instagram account. I figured it was the least ‘Facebooky’ way to still be in contact with some friends and family. And I am not gonna lie, I do get good content from Instagram (except for the adds but that’s another post). However, lately, my instagram and the content I am seeing, it’s reminding me more and more about facebook. It is not so much on the photos themselves but in the stories. I have been seeing some of those posts were I go “You’re an idiot” and it just hit me today when I had to mute this person, it’s the first time I have had to do this on Instagram. But what tells me this will be the last time I have to mute someone?


How much longer on this Pokémon game? I’m starting to get tired of it! 😅

Probably my first Mac screenshot ! Lol (wish I could have my iPhone’s homescreen just as clean)


I have owned a MacBook Pro since 2015 (I think). Whichever the one before with the Retina Display and now the late 2017. And today, just today, I’ve learned how to take a screenshot on it! el-oh-el


Today I am working from home (and tomorrow too). Working from home can be fun, but when it comes to the work itself, unless you have the right set up (which I don’t), it’s not as fun. I handle a lot of data and definitely need, at least, one massive monitor, I usually have two at work. I wonder if they’d let me bring a monitor from work to keep at home for this instances? I know for sure we have both an extra monitor and a docking station. Who knows? Don’t loose anything by asking I guess.

Also going back and forth between the the work computer (and HP EliteBook) and my MacBook Pro, it is so weird!

I am a sucker for this type of art.

🎵🎶 ‎Piece By Piece by Katie Melua

I was tricked into a meeting with Pizza. I am such an easy prey.

And… so it starts !

Back at the office after two weeks of traveling. I am already missing Florida’s weather.

🎥 Watching: Avatar (2009)

Never seen it or heard of it before in my life.

Sockeye Grill & Brewery Sunbeam

Name: Sunbeam
Style: American Imperial IPA
Brewer: Sockeye Grill & Brewery - Idaho, United States
ABV: 8.5
Rating: 4.5/5

Golden orange in color with a white, pillowy head. Aromas of soft pine and unpeeled oranges; no discernible malt aroma. Light pineapple flavor with strong alcohol presence. Citrus zest and pinecone flavors to finish. The body is full but soft with medium-high carbonation. The alcohol flavor clings to everything else going on.

Pretty accurate description/notes.

The Decade In Five Games

Pretty solid list, I think, there area few games in it that I either never cared for or knew about. Nier: Automata totally resonated, I loved this game. So much so I own it in two platforms, PS4 and XboxOne.

Something I liked this week Volume 17.

Pokémon Shield

I cannot say I am diehard Pokémon fan. Actually my first interaction with anything Pokémon related was the first TV Series, back in Puerto Rico, I remember. Then I remember playing Pokémon Stadium on the Nintendo 64 and much much later Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Pearl specifically on the Nintendo DS. Then nothing else until Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu!.

If you fallow this mediocre blog of mine you would know that I have been traveling for work, thus I have had some time for myself. I have been playing a lot of Pokémon Shield and I love it! Yes, like any other Pokémon game it can feel a little repetitive at times but still keeping my interest in it. Like I have said before I don’t have a lot of experience with these series of games but I can definitely tell some of the improvements they have done in this game compared to some of the past games. Not gonna get into the details, this is not a review just me saying “I fucking love this game!” (😅).

Anyway, if you’re a Pokémon fan, you’ll definitely want to pick this game up and even if you’re not, its still a fun game to play.

Next on the queue it’s STAR OCEAN first departure R, which is a remake, of course.

🔗 I’m too lazy to write well, by Jack Baty.

I’m too lazy to write well

If I had to sit and plan and overthink everything before I hit Publish, I’d never write anything. Most of the time I quickly fire off a few paragraphs, publish, and only then proofread what I’ve written. Yeah, that’s backwards, but it’s easy and I prefer easy.

I can so relate to this at a spiritual level! There have been many times where I ask myself if I should elaborate more or put more effort into what I am trying to convey and then I go, “meh, I’ve said what I wanted to say”.

There are times were, I kind of miss playing music. Although the trombone is probably not the most melodic instrument in the world, but there was something about playing that was satisfying. Can you imagine, giving a serenade with a trombone? 😅

Now Luna (1yo) it’s getting her own Mac and Cheese at the Twisted Timber. 😭

Cool Comic Art:

Wonder Woman by Jae Lee & June Chung



‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ wins Best Fighting Game at the #GameAwards

Never thought of Smash as a fighting game.

It feels nice to finally remove all the travel-related apps from my home-screen.

Those few seconds of panicking because you thought you’ve left the work phone at the hotel. 😅

Fort Myers Brewing Company High Five IPA

Name: High Five IPA
Style: American IPA
Brewer: Fort Myers Brewing Company - Fort Myers, Florida
ABV: 5.9
Rating: 5/5

Pours orange/yellow color, minimal head. Malty, citrusy, slightly dank, bitter. It’s not mind blowing but it’s nice and cold and I am pretty hot. Maybe why I rated a 5.

Hotel life 😅

Naples Beach Brewery Peanut Butter Cup

Name: Peanut Butter Cup
Style: Stout
Brewer: Naples Beach Brewery - Naples, Florida
ABV: 5.8
Rating: 5/5
Notes: A smooth and creamy stout with peanut butter and chocolate flavors

Naples Beach Brewery Latitude Adjustment IPA

Name: Latitude Adjustment IPA
Style: American Indian Pale Ale
Brewer: Naples Beach Brewery - Naples, FL
ABV: 7.2
Rating: 4.5/5

A hoppy and bitter American pale ale with malt character and a dry finish

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