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Manton added some new features to, one of them it’s the ability to import all your posts from Tumblr. I had forgot I had a Tumblr account! So I went ahead and imported all my post from that forsaken account to Mb and deleted the account right after. It was a very easy and quick process. It was kind of nice to go through all the old posts once they got imported. I found some old post that I had forgot about and also got a lot of good old pictures I had taken.


I am enjoying the heck out of the new 11” iPad Pro, more on that later.

Stay tuned.

Shall I Final Fantasy VII for the Nintendo Switch or shall I not Final Fantasy VII for the Nintendo Switch? That is the question.

I am been judged at work because I am eating Cheetos with chopsticks 🥢

My wife and I are dancing the Macarena and our 3-year-old is totally judging us! 😅

I have itch for a new backpack 🎒. Specially since I will be carrying the iPad Pro with me instead of the MacBook. This one seems promising, The Luminary 15 – TOM BIHN.

🎥 Watching: Mortal Engines

Chuck Morris | Melvin Brewing / Thai Me Up

Brewed by: Melvin Brewing / Thai Me Up Wyoming, United States

Style: American Imperial IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8.00%

Rating: A

Notes: Chuck Morris is a Double IPA that will roundhouse kick, karate chop and machine gun its way to your heart. Dry hopped to perfection, power-packed like its namesake, but as balanced as a fighter doing the splits. Make sure to stretch first!

James Potter:

Being gay isn’t a choice, it’s an involuntary thing that happens when J.K. Rowling decides it’s your time.

Sometimes Twitter can be funny 😄

As excited as I am about Drafts getting to the Mac, I have found a new love for it on the new iPad Pro! It such a delight to write with it on the iPad Pro.

When you almost confused the cumin for the cinnamon for the coffee.

I did a thing!

Well, I did a thing. After so much thinking and “planning” in my head, I ended up doing something entirely different from what I said I would . Instead of getting the new iPad Air, I end up with an 11” iPad Pro. It was one of those things that just happened to work out perfectly I guess. I don’t have to many thoughts on the device other than the fact that I love the design, it’s pretty snappy and the size — love it. First thing I did was to download comiXology and, OMG, reading comic books on this thing it’s a delight! I am yet to get the keyboard for it, I’m picking it up tomorrow, so at the moment I am typing on the glass like an animal (😅) and even that isn’t bad at all. Now, what I am thinking on doing is to use this device exclusively for a week or two, for things I’d normally use my MacBook Pro for and see if I miss anything from the Mac or if I can survive and do everything with the iPad.

This happened! 😐

Today I am wearing pink, because according to my fabulous coworker,

Pink rhymes with Vodka

I’m so glad to see this. It’s nice to know I didn’t waste my money pre-ordering this game. (😁)

Have I made up my mind?

After a lot of overthinking, I think I have settled. It is kind of funny that after I posted about whether or not I should buy an iPad Pro, Apple announces a new iPad Air and a new iPad mini. Obviously I checked them both out (online of course). I have had an iPad mini in the past so I know that it is not exactly what I want. The iPad Air though, well that might be it. I think 10.5” it’s a nice size and less than 700 USDs for the “configuration” I’d like, it’s — to me and my necessities — a good deal. Still I would like to visit my local store and play with them all and get a better feeling, but so far I’m leaning towards the new Air.

Testing — again(ish).

Been rocking this album all morning, this is how I know I’m metal! \m/

🔗 Why I’m excited for the new iPad Mini –

I’m a big Marvel Unlimited fan and have a more portable comic book reader is going to be ace.

Also, something to consider? Although in my experience, the 10.5” it’s awesome for reading comic books

Should I buy an iPad Pro?

This weekend, I laid out a plan to purchase a new iPad Pro by my birthday (March 31st). I’m specifically looking at the 11” and the storage is TBD. However, the more I look into them and look at the price tags, man, it’s kind of hard to justify it. I do a lot of my writing on iOS, or rather, I starts most of it on iOS (a 100 percent of the time it’s on my iPhone XS) but more often than not it’s either finished or entirely written on my 2017 MacBook Pro (no Touch Bar). I do own a 10.5” iPad Pro and, What do I use my 10.5” iPad for? Well, I mostly don’t use it, it is mostly used by my 3-year-old. She has some educational games she likes to play around with, she has Frozen (obviously) and YouTube (please don’t judge). When I use it it’s pretty much to read comics, something I haven’t done in a while I might add, but that is it! And that’s the thing, other than comics and maybe some media consumption, I really don’t use my iPad. Right now, I am typing this, sitting on the sofa using my MacBook Pro and why not on the iPad? Specially since my 3-year-old is in bed and I could actually use the iPad (🤔).

So it begs some questions. Is it worth it? Why do I even want to spend so much money in such device? Is it FOMO? Is it because I want to be part of the “New (cool) Kids on the Block”? Will it end up like the 10.5”, used by someone else and neglected from me? Or What if I actually love it so much? What if I don’t love it? Am I overthinking all of this thus writing this post to somehow talk myself out of it?

I guess one way would be to actually visit my local Apple Store and play with one and see? (Actually I’d much rather go to my local Best Buy, there’s usually less people — I don’t like people). In any case, I will continue with my plan until I either make my mind or spend the money on something else. Or what if I add it to my Verizon plan, that’s one way to go about it. Pay it overtime and have my wife yelling at me asking why our bill it’s so damn high (😅).


After a couple of months of maternity leave, wife got back to work today, hooray! Now it’s another adjustment we need to figure out, with schedules and taking and picking the girls to/from grandma-care, doctors appointments and all that parenting stuff — fun stuff.

I have been challenged on a weight loss competition by my boss today. Now I’m probably gonna take this seriously.

It had been a while

Gaby’s Log: I’m rocking Luna (4-mo) to sleep. I just felt (and heard) some seismic activity in her diaper. I am sacred to check. Better call Super-Mom?

🎥 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald]

🎥 Watching: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

My wife and I have been married for over 10 years. Watched many movies together. This is the first movie we have ever watched together in which she needs to go to the bathroom and actually asks me, “please pause the movie”. The first!!!!

Saturday. ☀️ 🍺

Lunch date with the lady today, plus delicious beer!

  • Annie: I feel weird without the girls .

  • Me: I don’t! (Drinks beer)

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