This is how my wife, aka @_annie , let’s me know about things around here. This means “Gaby, this bag of chips goes to mom’s for the girls”


Update to my Home Screen, having a full Home Screen it’s a little too much for me. I am trying Metatext for Mastodon, my favorite rss client, Unread is back on my main page and added a shortcut for quick Reminder captures.

I acquired this brew today, mainly for the name, I suspectedthat would have some peachy taste of course.

I must admit, I am having a hard time drinking this one. That, is a rare thing.

Mowing has become a whole new experience with the AirPods Pro 🤩

Gotta earn those dollar store toy monies 😜

Second of the month Home Screen

🍿 Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse

Marley loves me 25, 22 😅🥰

Hey, hey, hey, hey

Ooh-ooh, ooh-woh

Won’t you come see about me?

I’ll be alone, dancing, you know it, baby

Tell me your troubles and doubts

Give them everything, inside and out and

Don’t you (forget about me)

😏 🤪

Three little trees survived storm ⛈

There’s a thunderstorm passing by our location. And I am helplessly worried about the new trees.

You must have girls

Here is a thing I do. Every Sunday, or almost every Sunday, I do my nails.

Here is why.

First, it’s cool, I like it, I like colors. Second, It has become a thing, the girls have done it for a while and one day I was asked me to join. They pick the colors and all. My wife does my hands though, the girls do my toenails.

But I think the most important reason I do it, is because I want my girls to know that not everything should be gender-specific. Not everything is for just for “boys” or just for “girls”.

But then, when I am at work or somewhere else, I always get the “Oh you must have girls”, every time they see my nails, and I roll my eyes. Some give me compliments and I like that :)

La gente está changuita…

For the two hundred and thirtieth time The Croods: A New Age (2020)

We planted trees 🌳 (only one of three trees in the picture 😉)

The heart wants what it wants, or else it does not care

— Emily Dickinson

📺 Yasuke

Random thought of the night. How about, no more Twitter? Part of me feels like I’d be much much happier but then, there’s the FOMO.

Let me tell you a story

Yesterday I shared some pictures from Marley’s school field trip to the Botanical Gardens. However, I didn’t tell the whole story.

Basically, the story goes like so. As planned, we wake up bright and early, yeah right! I woke up late, then I was rallying everyone to hurry and eat breakfast. Everyone as in Marley and Luna. Still, we managed to leave the house at a good time and made it to the Gardens 15 minutes early!

We had to check in at 9:00am but Marley’s class tour wasn’t until 10:40am. They ran around the grass area then we remembered that there was a park nearby with a playground. We head over and Luna and Marley are having a blast.

At 10:30-ish, the tour.

They also had a blast. We were done by 11:30am ish, and I asked the girls what they wanted for lunch, and it was a unanimous decision to go to the Twisted Timber. Marley and Luna wanted pizza and I was longing for a Fiesta Salad, NOM NOM NOMS.

So, I’m driving through the connector (or freeway) when Marley and Luna started “fighting” as they normally do. This time though, things went…

Apparently Luna was taking Marley’s chips away, to which Marley felt the need to hit her sister. However, not in a way that she really meant to? Next thing I hear is Marley “Luna’s nose is bleeding!!!”

So, I pulled over to the side of the connector, Marley is freaking out, Luna is too and bleeding. And here I am grabbing Annie’s cardigan and using it to stop the bleeding, sorry Annie. There’s blood everywhere. After a few minutes, that for me was like hours, the bleeding stopped and Luna calmed. But Marley is still freaking out because now she feels awful about what had happened.

Now I’m rushing home, to get Luna cleaned up and sort everything out…

Marley spends a few hours crying and feeling awful. Eventually, she comes around, apologizes to Luna.

If there’s something I have learned with these two is that you will never know how things will turn out on any given day. 😅

Luna is fine, and so is Marley, and me. Later we all went to the Twisted sill 😜

I had my Fiesta salad 🥗 and the girls had pizza 🍕

The end…

❤️ Pamela Ojeda:

Megaman X but with and Seiya of Pegasus themed armor 😆 I had this idea yesterday night lol 😄

I like it very little when my Friday turns into playing catch-up.

And speaking of broken. My favorite bracelet broke. 😓

Broken and out of warranty

I think I am broken. Although most of my back and hip issues have gone away a bit, I still have them every now and then. I haven’t been able to do a proper push-up in a while because my left wrist hurts badly every time I try. Then I don’t know what the deal is but every now and then, like several times a day, when I bend my left thumb, it hurts. Like if there was a wire that gets tight and shoots pain.

What’s worse, I am out of warranty. 😅

No tasks at home

As an attempt to minimize stress managing tasks, between personal and work, I had stopped using a dedicated task manager app. Specifically for work I just went with a notebook and a whiteboard. This week, I had discovered that this system works great as long as you are not working from home.

Tonight, we thought it would be a good idea to watch videos that we have taken with our phones. This one, was Marley’s favourite 😅