Also been playing with the idea of a Microcast, just need to be brave enough to do it I guess.

That @blot Magazine theme does looks really pretty.

Many thoughts.

I have a “thought” that I want to put into words, actually, I have already somewhat started. It was supposed to be a short thing but more thoughts kept coming out as I was writing it. However, as I’m typing this and earlier on started my super secret “post”, I’m rocking my youngest to sleep. I would like to dedicate more time and focus to my super secret post so I’ll probably gonna let it sit until I’m done with the baby. Here’s the problem though, by time I’m done all I’ll want to do is playing video games (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, to be specific) and skip the writing because, raisins!


Today I tried to watch Solo: A Star Wars Story for the second time, on Netflix. Not sure why but I don’t last more than 15 minutes with it. I’m sure it’s a good movie but I just can’t stick with it.

Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout | Belching Beaver Brewery

Brewed by: Belching Beaver Brewery

Style: English Sweet / Milk Stout

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 7.50%

Rating: B+

Notes: Formerly ¡Viva La Beaver! Peanut Butter flavored Mexican Chocolate Milk Stout.

Game list (Nintendo Switch edition).

I have made a list of some of my favourite Nintendo Switch titles that I have played so far. I have played others but these are my top ones.

Hazy Little Thing IPA | Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Loving this album The Florentine by Big Big Train

Finally, my turn.

This game looks fun. Blades of Time for Nintendo Switch

Knock it off!

I weighed myself today! I am so both disgusted and very disappointed at myself! Sometime at the end of last year, I had made a commitment to myself to take back my healthy active life and go back to best version of myself (or at least what I think is the best version of myself). I had a good start! I even started sharing my activity with other people, even competing against them and whatnot. I had a particular friend that although we weren’t competing, she would check on me throughout the day sometimes and send me messages like, “why haven’t you closed those rings yet?”, what are you gonna do to close those rings?“. That kept me motivated to stay active and workout.

Also I started to drink more water and less beer. Minding more what I was eating. I was taking care of myself. Then life changed, we had a new baby. So that changed the routine a little bit. My workout routine changed too and it was harder to stick with it.

Eventually I figured a way to get back into it and for a while, at the beginning of the year I started to do good. But in the past month or so, I am not sure what happened but it’s like I’ve lost all motivation to stay active, to workout, to drink more water and less beer. I am not sure if the things going on at work have something to do with it or not but I feel less and less motivated to stay focused on my commitment.

Last time I had a talk with my friend Gingee about my struggles in trying to stay healthy, she yell at me (it was a text but I could tell she was yelling at me).

Knock it off! You can do this.

Today was sort of a wake-up call. I am getting heavier and heavier. I am back at my bad habits and I’m doing very little to change that. I am at the heaviest I have ever been in my life. My ideal weight (or at least where I feel comfortable at) should be around 175 lb (79 kilos) to 180 lb (81.6 kilos) — I’m 220 lb (99.8 kilos) right now!

The things is, I know what I got to do but I can’t bring myself to do it. I keep making up excuses and very little action.

I need to knock it off and get to it!

Waiting on a follow up after a job interview can be pretty nerve wracking.

Thinking out loud.

🔗 Don’t Worry, Blog Happy – On my Om

blogging for me is nothing more than “thinking out loud.”

My feelings exactly. When I started blogging, in my mind I wanted to create a “pro-blog” kind of thing. Or at least that’s what my idea of having a blog was and I did struggle a lot with that idea. Then everything changed and I started treating my blog more of a digital diary, a place where I can express myself by “thinking out loud”. This probably also makes me a very impulsive writer of sorts. I think of something, and idea, something I need to say and I just write-it-away. In complete disregard for any rules or norms, if there are any.

Coworker: Gabe!!

Me: What?

Coworker: Wake up?

Me: 🎶 Grab a brush and put a little make up 🎶


Hm, this is actually looking nice. Photos menu on Blot.

Sky Kraken | Fremont Brewing Company

Brewed by: Fremont Brewing Company Washington, United States

Style: New England IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 5.50%

Rate: B+

Notes / Description: At the dawn of our time, near to a future sun, in the imagined universe of reality, dwells the Sky Kraken. A contradiction of the senses offering ripe melon, juicy citrus, pineapple and pepper flavors to the brave. An idea brought together by the cosmic attraction of opposites, Sky Kraken is a naturally unfiltered beer. Sky Kraken is also just a really cool name for this really cool beer that we wanted to brew using the hops we love. We hope you love it, too. Or, at least, love the Sky Kraken and become a believer. “I Believe.” – VWP

Down & Dirty: 2-Row Pale malt, White Wheat, Flaked Wheat, Malted Oats, and Rolled Oats with Citra®, Mosaic®, and Strata® hops. IBU: JTRA (just the right amount) Color: Hazy pale-straw Aroma: Guava, lemon, pineapple Flavor: Melon, citrus peel, grass

Sometimes I don’t understand what’s she saying. But I love morning conversations with this one. :)

I don't want to talk about it.

Today I found myself in a situation where my right AirPod the sound was way lower than the left one, by a lot. So my first thought was to restart my phone, that didn’t do it. Unpair and pair back my AirPods, that didn’t do either. Then I proceeded to ask the experts, the Twitters. My first replayed came from Jeff Perry, basically to clean the quieter one. Little did I know how this was going to go down. So I did my known-to-me cleaning process, getting rid of the visible wax excess here and there and voilà!! Well, that didn’t do it either. So I went to the other experts, The Googles. Well, I don’t want to talk about what I found and did that actually fixed my issue, but, here’s a link if you must know.

I Need Help! by Fitz and The Tantrums

When my demons start speaking up When the bills, they keep adding up When the tables run out of luck

Sometimes I just need a little help

Pixelated Panda (Pixelat3dPanda)

For over 10 years I have had the same Gamertag on both my Xbox Live and PSN accounts — Batbriel. The tag has some history for sure, way back from the Gears Of War days (the first GoW)but I grew tired or bored of it. I think it’s the only “online” handle that has lasted this long actually. Even my Twitter and Instagram handles have changed over the years, at least once. So I have changed it from Batbriel to Pixelat3dPanda, at least just on Xbox Live.

As I have grown older I have starting to have a thing for Pandas, I’m not sure why but I do. So for a while I knew that if I was going to change any of my online handles, it was going to be Panda related. Why pixelated? Well, I like pixels, pixels have always been related to gaming and I’m not sure how much this had to do with but I’m a fan of the Pixelated Podcast so, that’s how the pixelated part came into play. Also had to switch one of the letters “e” for a 3 because obviously the all letters version was taken.

Anyway, Pixelat3dPanda is the gamer tag on Xbox Live if you want to add me. For now I’m playing a lot of Overwatch so, cool cool!

Wachowskis Working on New Matrix Film Says John Wick 3 Director - IGN

The Wachowski siblings are working on a fourth Matrix movie, according to John Wick 3 director Chad Stahelski.

I honestly wouldn’t mind.

Jon Bernthal:

Guess who? Ghost Recon #Breakpoint #partner


Something I liked this week Volume 11.


I know I’m late to the game but I just happened to pick this up today and so far, I like it a lot. There was also some “per-pressure” involved (two of my coworkers are currently playing the game) and the fact that the game was on sale so — had to!

I have only played for a couple of hours but I can already tell I’ll be spending a few hundred hours on this game, kinda like when I got into Destiny a while ago.

I started playing as Soilder: 76, in my opinion the most basic character. Basic in the sense that’s probably the best character to get familiar with the game specially you are familiar with first-person-shooters then this character will be very familiar. Obviously I don’t want to be stuck using only this character so I have been spending a some time in the training mode. This way I can experiment and get to know some of the other characters in the game, which there are about 30.

If you’re still playing this game and want to add me to your party or something, I’m Pixelat3dPanda on the Xbox Lives.

We’re all soldiers now.

First Avenger

The first time I watched Captain America: The First Avenger was back in theaters when it came out. And I don’t know why, I didn’t, like it, or at least I remember saying I didn’t. And that’s how I remember the movie in my mind, not sure why but not liking it. After that first time I might have seen it once. Last night I decided I wanted to revisit the movie, actually bought it!

And um’, I think I had totally misjudged this movie the first time around. This movie is actually really amazing. Either I didn’t quite get it at the time or maybe I am just seeing it in a different way? Considering all the movies that have come out since. Whatever the case is, I’m glad I revisited and changed my opinion on it.

Tandem Double IPA | Sawtooth Brewery


Brewed by: Sawtooth Brewery Idaho, United States

Style: American Imperial IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 8.00%

Rating: B

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