Vala Afshar:

We must be careful not to believe things simply because we want them to be true. No one can fool you as easily as you can fool yourself.

— Professor Richard Feynman #CNX19

  • iPhone, has been updated to iOS 13
  • Apple Watch, to watchOS 6
  • iPad Pro, downloading iPadOS

Hashtag : You Only Live Once

Sippin’ Pretty | Odell Brewing Company

Brewed by: Odell Brewing Company Colorado, United States

Style: American Wild Ale

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 4.50%

Rate: A+

So good guys! So good!

My daughter’s version of “hold my beer” it’s “hold my Apple”

When you show up at work and your boss looks at you weird.

  • Me: You’re in my spot!

  • Boss: Are you even supposed to be here?

  • Me: opens schedule app thingy

  • Also Me: Fuck!! 😶😐

Between yesterday’s wedding and today’s Father’s Day car show, I’ve got so many pictures to go through. I wish I had iOS 13 already so I could just transfer everything straight from the memory card to the iPad instead of using an app ( Cascable ) to transfer my RAW files.

Never heard this word before.

Dame Tu Corazón by Los Rufianes

Partying hard !

It’s wedding day! (My brother in law)

Father’s Day weekend, starts like so! 😃


G. Keenan Schneider:

Hi, what’s your favorite thing about yourself?

Gabz's log for 2019/06/13

Today I did the home-stay-dad thing, or daddy nurse. Marley (3yo) got sick yesterday so I stayed home today to take care of her and also taking her to the pediatrician, while Luna (7mo) was at grandma’s. That meant a lot ofboth playtime and some downtime for both of us and a lot of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey 🤫. Seriously thought, this home-stay-dad thing, I could do this everyday ! My girls are so much fun!

Visit to the doctor was sort of o-kay. Unlike her sister (so far) Marley has never been too fond of doctor visits, plus she had to get strep swapped, and she really hated that! Called came in, she’s positive for strep, early stages of, but still. Now the kiddo will be on antibiotics for the next ten days.

Funny story! We go to pick Marley’s prescription at our local Walgreens, I am getting to the drive trough.

  • Marley: What are we doing?

  • Me: We are picking up you medicine.

  • I stop at the window


  • Me: 😕😳😳😅


Get home, Wife also makes it home a wee bit after, she goes to pick up the mail and guess what showed up ? 😃

Thank you Mister @Burk , I owe you a beer 🍺 (or coffee ☕️)

And of course its been put on to good use


And thus we conclude, our day, with a sweet, sweet new-to-me, delicious beer.

Voodoo Ranger Juicifer | New Belgium Brewing

Brewed by: New Belgium Brewing Colorado, United States

Style: American IPA

Alcohol by volume (ABV): 7.70%

Rate: B+

Notes / Description: Brimming with citrus aromas from Galaxy and Citra hops, this moderately sweet and hazy IPA is devilishly juicy.

🎵🎶 Stamina by Israel Vibration

Because this is what you do after your visit with the dentist 🦷 🍺

Important reminder!

Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus

This one takes me back, way back!

I can tell I had forgot to take my medication yesterday when I was supposed to by my mental reactions to everything today. Meh! More of the same , bleh, bleh bleh!, tech people whine too much and why do I care?” (Though, mostly is twitter and twitter can be depressing no matter what) I hate it when this happens, and it’s not just about the things I read and not been able to enjoy the content, I feel like I am tired and bored with everything. Tired of the coffee I am drinking, the tech I have –– the job I have –– my current setups, lifestyle, everything. It’s like seeing the world with different lenses, cloudy and sad. I don’t like it, not likey at all!

All that being said, seeing my two daughters play does sparks joy!

Sunday Funday

Some fun yesterday with family, BBQing and other shenanigans.

El Album by Aterciopelados

El álbum de mi cabeza solo con fotos tuyas se llena…

Only in Puerto Rico, California sushi roll with sweet plantains on top! 😉 (taken back in 2017)

Someone found her footsie.

Something I liked this week Volume 12.

Assassins’s Creed Odyssey

I can’t put this game down! It has been almost a month since I’ve got it, for the Xbox One S, and just can’t, I can’t stop playing this game. The interesting thing is, that I actually own and had played this game before on another platform, the PS4. For whatever reason I really wanted it on the Xbox (maybe because of the achievements, or the fact that i had recently bought the Xbox) and it has been a very different experience so far. I have gotten into this game more than when I first played it on the PS4. (It also it glitches a lot more on the Xbox but that’s not here nor there 🤫)

On this play-through I’m exploring more and doing more of the side quests and extra missions, I am barely halfway the main storyline and I’m already at level 52 I believe. The world in this game is not just beautiful but also massive , it’s a huge world-map! And there’s so much to do and get lost in, I’m having a blast!

It has been a while since I have had this feeling of “I can’t wait to play when I get home”!! (Still I have to wait until everyone goes to sleep but you get the idea).

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