🍿 Shadow in the Cloud (2020) - IMDb

I would dare to say, this is as good or better than Ketel One!


After update, only 4 percent of iOS users in U.S. let apps track them.


The best drinks

My, main squeeze baby mama, girlfriend and wife, says to me;

Gaby, would you please make me a drink? I like the way you make them, they’re the best.

Me as a good, main squeeze baby papa that I am, go prepare the drink.

Then, I hear;

Oh! But you need to add this first and then this and then that.

Hol’ up a minute, I thought my drinks were the best?

I ❤️ Fridays

❤️🎵 Sobrevolando Instrumental by Cultura Profética

Nice instrumental reggae roots from Puerto Rico.

The piano ain’t got no wrong notes...

Take your personal website, for example. Your writing might not appeal to others. People might find it irrelevant or even dislike your style or your message, especially if you are writing about something new and unconventional. But if it’s important to you and if it contains a bit of yourself – and it certainly will –, whatever you write and publish on your site isn’t wrong.

Source: No Wrong Notes · Matthias Ott – User Experience Designer

All of this!! \ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/

Thank you @nicola for sharing.

Girl shoots three at Rigby Middle School; teacher disarms her - KBOI

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — A sixth-grade girl brought a gun to her Idaho middle school, shot and wounded two students and a custodian and then was disarmed by a teacher Thursday, authorities said.


An oldie but goodie

10 Minute EMOM

  • 10 Snatches, 5 per side
  • 20 Swings

I completed my reps for the first move and rested the remainder of the minute, then the next minute did the second move alternating back and forth.

❤️🎵 Sanctuary (From “Kingdom Hearts II”) by Laura Platt

Now I am going down the rabbit hole.

❤️🎵 Snake Eater (from “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater”) by GENTLE LOVE

You like Metal Gear? Do you like Jazz? Then you’d love this as much as I do.

My thanks to @burk and The @hemisphericviews for the recommendation.

Girls are watching X movie. I haven’t been watching X movie at all, I’m doing adult things around the kitchen. I sit down with the girls for ice cream. I watch the ending of X movie. Just the ending!

Ending makes me cry!

Someone please explain.


Tragedy, struck the Santiago-Ortiz household today, we ran out of coffee. The only coffee shop on my way to work is a Starbucks, and I can’t do Starbucks’s anymore for whatever reason. Not only that, but I was also running a little late. At this point, I just settled for work’s coffee. It was bad coffee, as expected, but what’s worse, it did not do the job.


Book and books

There are two books, I find myself interested in at the moment and can’t decide. The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova and Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir.

The former has been around for a few years now (2005), and Project Hail Mary was released yesterday. I am really intrigued by the story of the historian, and at the same time, Project Hail Mary sounds awesome and in narrated by Ray Porter.

🙌🏼🎵 Yasuke by Flying Lotus


🙌🏼🎵 Black Gold (feat. Thundercat) by Flying Lotus

calladitos nos vemos más bonitos

— Puerto Rican proverb? 😜

Starting over…

Inspired by @omrrc

I want to ignore my work email.

🙌🏼 diberkato:

Cigarettes and Medicines / 悲しみ

Keishla and Andrea

The system in Puerto Rico keeps failing our women. This week, two ladies were killed, one of them sought help for the system and the system ignored her, as they do. Now, she’s dead. The second, I haven’t read much about other than the killer was a professional boxer, he punched her, injected her with substances, and threw her from a bridge.

He gave himself up to the authorities, and now they’re seeking the death penalty, good, but still…

This is not new in Puerto Rico, and it pisses me off that we continue to be this way.

Their names Keishla Rodriguez and Andrea Ruiz Costa (Here is a tread for her story),

There’s always that one thing in the house, or a few, that I always go, “gotta fix that”, but I never get to it for whatever reason. Until it breaks, then I’m like “I’m going to fix it now I guess”. 😅

We got mail! Thank you @jean 🙌🏼

Slowly but surely, trees are planted, lawn mowed and fertilized. Now we gotta remove the rest of the old weed barrier and mulch. Put new ween barrier and we will do rocks instead of mulch.

We’ve got plans for the yard. 😎

(Please ignore the naked Barbie)