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It’s no secret that I change up my tools often. It’s not always simply indecision or chasing the “perfect” thing. It’s often because I like playing with a variety of software. I just wish I could keep my curiosity separate from actual work. I fall in love too easily.

A hundred percent this! I couldn’t have said it any better myself. I often feel guilty about changing my systems, sometimes at what it seems to be at random, when I really shouldn’t. I think!

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I don’t know if anybody noticed, on my oppose picture. Clu isn’t the one riding his motorcycle 🏍 😏.

Never have I ever.

Got into the shower, fast forward 10-15 mins, turning the shower off and second guess myself. Did I actually showered? I don’t remember! What I do remember is thinking (or overthinking) about the ten thousand things they threw at me at today’s meeting. And the other ten thousand I need to complete by the end of the week. And yet, I do not remember grabbing the soap 10-15 mins ago.

/Turns the shower back on/

Still plenty of space for stickers! And there’s a new addition —’s

Why I blog.

Today, thanks to the magic of “On this day”, I was reminded about this post from two years ago. I think this was around the time I started to write (or blog rather) more often and consistently.

After reading it, I came up with this silly idea of “revisit” these thoughts and do some kind of a commentary of sorts and see how they’ve changed, if at all, in the course of two years sir of thing.


I was thinking about why I, all of the sudden, started writing again and having the need to share it. Is it because I’m bored and have too much in my mind? Or simply lost the fear of sharing whatever I write?

Well at the time I was bored but I do always have stuff in my mind too. However, I think mainly was the third one. I had lost my fear. I share anything and everything that comes to mind and that makes me happy.

Also thinking about the things I have been writing about. I am not a tech journalist or critic — nor a professional blogger. I just have stuff in my head and feel like putting them down in words.

I guess this is when I realized that you don’t have to be a pro to blog.

I feel like most of what I write and the way I write about, it’s more like a conversation I would have with a coworker or a friend.

Still on point! When I write I always take the “conversation” kind of idea. That’s the kind of thing I like from personal blogs. It feel more intimate and personal, I like it and that’s what I try to do as well.

Plus it’s my own blog so I can’t talk/write about anything and everything I want, right?

Should have said can not can’t. 😅

Panic pod and Twitter.

I do not remember how I came across it, I’m sure it was in my timeline. But I have very much been enjoying the Panic Podcast, it is somewhat random, at least to me but very fun and interesting. Especially today’s episode, it was a good reminder of the good-old-times of Twitter. It made me think when I first joined back in 2008, which according to this episode, I had joined twitter before Panic did! Although if you look at my account today, it will tell you I’ve joined in May of 2019. This is my second twitter account, I had nuked my first one, which I regret now a little bit but what’s done it’s done.

It was definitely a different time back then, much more enjoyable and fun. It can still be okay these days if you follow the right people and have the right filters and muted words and whatnot but back then none of that was necessary I guess.

Anyway, good pod, good episode and now I want some Carl’s Jr. 🍔 🍟

If I had to rate my state of mind today, it would have been I — for inappropriate (or immature depending whom you ask) 😜. I had so many inappropriate comments (or thoughts) and puns during our meeting today! Was both very professional of me and very sad to hold them all back! 😇

#mbfeb oposse

Bend Studio #DaysGone:

21 years ago, Syphon Filter released on the PlayStation 1 here in the States! Fun fact - a small handful of the team members who worked on this game/series are still at this studio.

I have fond memories of this game. One of my favorite games of all times.

These two gals are cool 😎 🦄 #mbfeb

I don't have a problem.

🎶 They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, “no, no, no”

I either have a serious problem or is just what it is. I want to think it’s the later, to be honest 😅.

Here I am, changing my task management (🛎) system — again. Here’s my new approach, I have been thinking about this all week. As much as I love apps like OmniFocus, Things 3 (a little) and the very easy to use, cross-platform Todoist, my needs are simple. I need to be honest with myself. I don’t do projects or am a GTD practitioner. I just have a task with a reminder/due date and that’s it. Also I just need lists of things I want to either do, watch, read or write about at some point. Reminders is good for that stuff and I can just shout things to the lady in the phone and they’ll get in there. The systems mentioned above I think are more for very methodical and organizational people, which I am not, like at all!

To help with using reminders, I’ve got a super secret shortcut (it’s really not that secret) that helps with quick capture in natural language.

When it comes to work stuff, it’s all handled through my email so no need for a complex system. I could still use Todoist if I must but just the free tier, no need for most pro features.

Sometimes simpler it’s better. Now, comeback next week to see how this will all change again. 😅🤙🏼

Oh hail no!!!!

WOD, Frabjous

No rest for the wicked #mbfeb

Fighting With My Family 🍫🍫🍫

This movie is great!!! I very much enjoyed it a lot!

Thank you @macgenie for the “extra stickers” 😊🙏🏼

We never had any problems with Marley throwing things down the toilet 🚽. Luna on the other hand 🤦🏻‍♂️.

Balance #mbfeb

Flipping pancakes 🥞 it’s so stressful 😅

Day 14 warmth 😏🖤


Every time I see “1-on-1 Gaby” in my calendar, I get scared, I panic and think I am in trouble.

I have been at my current job/position for about six months now and I have had at least five 1-on-1s with my supervisor. And they have been nothing but super productive and very beneficial – never in trouble, so far. I guess I have 1-on-1s PTSD from my previous empolyers or managers. Usually, those meetings meant I was in some kind of trouble or something less productive and or beneficial.

The 1-on1s I have now, are the entire opposite. I love how this company or at least the team I am working alongside, do care about their employee’s success within the company. Not just on a specific role but within the company as a whole.

Today’s meeting was all about my goals and career. What I was hoping to accomplish in the near future to five years from now. My manager was really good at asking me the right questions to figure out which direction we should take to acomplish my goals and aspirations. This is something I never experience in other past jobs.

All the Toots! 🐘💨

I am tooting again!

This week I kind of felt the need to revamp my presence in the Mastodon’s Universe again. I had a previous account and I stopped using a long time ago, my was still sending stuff there but totally forgot about it. This week I created a new account, which it’s now associated with, obviously. This time around, I am trying to just not send stuff from Mb automatically but also try to use it and engage more in it. It is very different from both Mb and Twitter in some way but I understand it better this time around. Either way, let see how it goes. If you are into the Mastodons and would like to find me here. I need friends.

All my toots are now coming from

This has the weirdest thing I have said in my head all day, so far, the day is still young.

The Sacred Mushroom.

Today I was listening to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, as you do. In between all the bull-poop they were talking about they mentioned the book, THE SACRED MUSHROOM AND THE CROSS: A study of the nature and origins of Christianity within the fertility cults of the ancient Near East by John M. Allegro. To which I thought, “this sounds nuts – I must read it!” (😅). I am a sucker for crazy theories and whatnot. So here I am checking in a to see if they have it with no luck. I also went to Audible, no luck either. I did find it on Amazon and I am pretty sure it was through the “Grey market” as they call it, maybe, I am not sure. Eventually, I found a link, a PDF version of the book! The entire book has been, basically pirated, with a Piracy Notice and all!

Piracy notice: In order to keep this information available to the public, this book has been pirated!

A message to those who’ve taken this book out of print. This book will forever circulate. You will never be able to remove it from the public light, as you, the Vatican and Anheuser Busch attempted to do.

In such a case as 2000 years of intellectual hijacking, this book will now remain forever free online.

Though Allegro’s theories seemed extreme at the time, philology today knows he was right. See a publication by Piotr Michalowski in “Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World’s Ancient Languages”, edited by Roger D. Woodard.

To the reader, enjoy a once banned book.

To the suppressors, Fuck you!

Whether the contents of the book are true or not, controversial or what have you, it’s irrelevant to me. This is purely me being curious about it and to have something to do in my downtime at the office.

Rise // A rising Luna 😎

I called Nintendo.

Today I received a Nintendo eShop Gift Card from my wife, which got me very excited obviously. There’s a new game coming out tomorrow — Darksiders Genesis.

Anyway, every time I get a gift card like this I always assume they’ll be as easy to handle as the Apple ones. You know, you just peel them off and voilà! Well, Nintendo ones, aren’t the case. My first attempt was to, just like Apple’s, to peel the thing and immediately I realized that wasn’t gonna work. I was actually damaging the thing. I tried to scratch the thing with a dime, as you do I guess and just made it worse.

I panicked, as I do and pretty much murdered the thing! I could only make out almost all of it except for characters 8, 9 and 10th.

So I remained calmed and panicked again (😅). And then I calmed down again and called Nintendo, which I have never done. I was scared that they’ll go and say “LOL, you’re SOL buddy” kind of thing.

Here a I called, a nice young lady (by her voice I could tell she was young and definitely a lady) picked up my call. And basically I went over what happened. “My lady got me a gift card and I massacred the thing. Can you please help me?” And she said “Sure! I’ll try to help you with this!”

So she asked me for some alphanumeric code in the back of the thing and there! And she says. “I have access only to the first eight characters”


“Well, 8 I could somewhat make out but definitely need 9 and 10”

Turns out the only have access to those first 8 and the rest are restricted from them. She asks me for an email address, my Nintendo account username and the serial number of my Switch.

She advised that she’ll have to send a ticket to somewhere blah blah, blah. And that I should here something in a day or two.

15 to 20 minutes after that, I get an email.


Thank you for contacting Nintendo! We received enough information to approve and process the following for you:

A credit of $35.00 to your eShop. You will see the funds available the next time you log into your Nintendo eShop account.

Yay Nintendo!

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