This picture doesn’t do justice to how beautiful and massive this game is!

Identity crisis.

Today, like every day, I was browsing my timeline and came across with this post, Cast A Vote for Your Identity. by Mister Patrick Rhone and read this quote;

Every time you sit down and write in the morning, you cast a vote for your identity as a writer. Every time you choose a healthy meal over junk food, you cast a vote for your identity as a healthy person. These votes compound over time, put you on the flywheels of actually becoming those things.

— Jack Cheng

This quote struck a cord and I’ve been thinking about what it means to me all day. In this sense I have lost my identity, at some point along the line I stopped casting votes. Is no secret that for the past few months or so, I have been struggling. Struggling to stay positive about my professional life, about both my mental and physical health — mostly my physical health. Instead I have been developing, what I call, comfort habits. Habits that seam to make me “happy” but all they do is making me lazy and not contributing in any way with me trying to be the better version of me.

So, less comfort habits, more votes for my own identity!


Fire season has started here in Idaho! (Insert sarcastic woohoo here)

Puppies and porridges !!!

Progress was made today.

Why all of the sudden, I feel the need to change my domain from a .me to .blog?

Something I liked this week Volume 13.

Remember when I said I needed a break from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey? Well, scratch that! It might be too early in the week to call it but I don’t think I’ll like anything this week as much as this.

I decided to dip my toes in The Fate of Atlantis DLC. It’s a three-part episodic story arc, I’m on arc (or episode if you will) one, Fields of Elysium. There’s so much to uncover and explore on this arc alone and again, another significantly huge map! I feel like I am playing a whole different game right now!

I am very positive I’ll be putting over a hundred hours on this game!

So good!

Annie has decided, or suggested, that we should start a low-carb diet to which I’ve agreed. To accomplish this I have taken upon myself to drink all the beer that’s left in the fridge. I am doing this for her and for the greater good, of course! 😉

New and altered laws take effect in Idaho - KBOI

BOISE, Idaho (AP) - A law lowering from 21 to 18 the age limit for carrying a concealed handgun within city limits in Idaho without a permit or training has gone into effect.

Smart! 🤦🏻‍♂️


There are a couple of things i want to experiment with this week and see how it fits within my workflow.

First thing would be photo editing. I do all my editing using iOS , I use an app called Cascable to transfer RAW files from my camera to my iPad. Then I’d use either VSCO or Darkroom for my editing. Today though, I had decided to edit some pictures using the built-in tools, and the result were pretty decent I gotta say.

Second, I am changing text editors again. For the past few months, since I got the 11” iPad Pro, I have been using Drafts exclusively but its hard to keep blog posts organized after they have been published, at least my long format ones. For this reason and a few others, I will be back at using Ulysses for my long format blog posts. iA Writer is another great option but I prefer Ulysses, visually makes more sense to me and it’s organization design, if you will.

Third, Task managers……. yup! I got nothing!

Thank you for coming to my TED talk!

I need to take a break from Assassins Creed Odyssey, 90 plus hours of it. So let’s do this instead, and I blame @Edgyarmo for it!



I would love to see an Assassin Creed game based on feudal Japan.

Weeding date.

Weeding day was a fun yesterday. It is not all the time that Annie (aka @litzabel) and I get to go out without the girls. It was kind of like a date night for us. We had a good time, we even danced, I can’t remember the last time we danced. Again was a lot of fun but of course with some awkward moments. I met the bride while we used to work together at my old job and bacame really good friends even after we both left the company. Most of the bride’s friends at the weeding were also my friends and ex coworkers of mine (and hers) that I haven’t seen since I got laid off two years ago. So it brought back a lot of feelings, specially when I saw my former manager and she asked me what I was doing. Part of me really wanted to say “I don’t want to talk about it”, mainly because I have no pride in what I am doing right now. Perhaps is because I keep comparing what I do know to my previous job and is o feel like it’s not as good or fulfilling, I mean I was doing science and I loved it, still do. Also it lead to work related conversations between my ex corworkers that I didn’t feel like partaking in. Gladly my wife knows me well and she immediately changed the conversation. Besides that, it was a beautiful weeding and a great date night for us!

Weeding time !

High by Rawayana, Apache

🎶 sube el volumen y olvida lo feo…

(Turn up the volume and forget the ugly…)

Situation fixed!

It is about one o’clock here in Boise Idaho , and I am yet to have some coffee. So technically I have failed to start my day properly.


More Downtown Boise pictures


After my dentist appointment today, I had two hours to kill before work. So I had decided to walk around downtown and snap a couple of pictures. Mostly from Freak Alley, using my Olympus and my 75mm, which is no ideal for “street photography” but I already knew that.


Finally got Marfa the way I always wanted it, with pagination, thanks to @miraz tutorial and the help of some amazing people in the Slacks! I’m a happy camper !

Without Any Warrants, CBP Searched My Devices at the Airport

Why did I had to read this. Makes fearful of the country I live in. Specially being Hispanic.

New CarPlay is pretty swell. (Taken a few days ago)

Samantha Wallschlaeger:

Reminder that writers and artists only create for two reasons: horniness and revenge. The sooner you discover which one motivates you, the quicker you’ll grow into your most powerful form.

Still trying to figure it out. 🤔😬😳

Second phone interview done! Let’s hope we make it to the third (in-person) interview. Funny thing is, I’m in my house, I could have just put on my pj’s and be “comfortable” for the conference call. Instead, I was dressed up still like I was at work.

The (schmuck) writer that I am?

This morning I was thinking about this blog of mine, the idea I had when I first started “blogging” and what has become since. I was certainly inspired by people like Tim Nahumck, Seth Clifford, Matt Birchler over at Birch Tree and some John Gruber. But I can’t be a pro-writer, I am impulsive and just type down my mind with no theme in mind for my “site”. Blogging to me its like thinking-out-loud. It is about putting out there whatever is in my head at the moment without putting too much thought on it, other than what I feel like “saying”. It is very rare when I think about something for days, write it down and sit on it for a while before posting it.


Devil May Cry came out for the Nintendo Switch, guess I’m gonna have to buy it.

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