Really digging this album. ‎Through with Love by Western State Hurricanes

Something I liked this week Volume 22.

The Broken Record Podcast

For generations of music lovers, the liner notes on albums were a central part of the way music was heard. You bought an album and it came with an accompanying narrative: a digression, an aside, a backstory—maybe even an invented history. We intuitively understood that great music required not just listening but conversation between the artist and the audience and the audience and the rest of the world. Broken Record is a podcast that restarts those conversations—in a world without liner notes—for a new audience of music lovers. Broken Record is hosted by Justin Richmond with interviews by the producer Rick Rubin, the writer Malcolm Gladwell, and the former New York Times editor Bruce Headlam.

I don’t usually do two Something I liked this week posts on the same week but i felt compelled to do so this time around. I am probably late to the party here but sometime this week, in one of the nerdy chats i am apart of, The Broken Record podcast was recommended thus curious i had to check it out – as you do. And i was imminently hooked! It wasn’t just the caliber and the names of the guests but also the interviewers and the way the conversations go and the subjects that are talked about. Plus I love music and to know about the creative process of these people and their stories, it is fascinating to me. Needles to say, I have been binge-listening to this podcast, which i never ever do or have done before. I am four episodes in and a few more to go.

I can’t recommend this pod enough!

You can find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts” 😉

The hurdle (this thing, with a good routine, can kick your buttness) #mbfeb

You are Welcome.

This morning I was walking into the main building, here at work, when i noticed someone was on its way out. Like you do, I held the door open, the person said, “Thank you Sir” to which I replied “mhmm!” (usually with a smile too) and then it hit me. That is usually my auto-response to everyone that says “thank you” to me, not always but most of the time. It comes out without me even thinking about it at all. Now that I am thinking about it, it might come out a bit disingenuine, I think, or just plain laziness when I should reply “You are Welcome” not just “mhmm”.

It is the same way as when someone says “Thanks” as supposed to “Thank you”. To me, it feels lazy and a little bit disingenuine, just like “Mhmm”

Gotta work on that.

Something i liked this week Volume 21.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

I actually started using arching this anime show a while back but for whatever reason I sort of dropped it. Sometime last week I started watching again from where I left of. The show it’s great, I mean, If you’re a Japanese Animation nerd like me you should probably be watching this.

It is the Taisho Period in Japan. Tanjiro, a kindhearted boy who sells charcoal for a living, finds his family slaughtered by a demon. To make matters worse, his younger sister Nezuko, the sole survivor, has been transformed into a demon herself. Though devastated by this grim reality, Tanjiro resolves to become a “demon slayer” so that he can turn his sister back into a human, and kill the demon that massacred his family. A sorrowful tale of siblings in which the fates of humans and demons intertwine… begins now!

Like I’ve said, I started watching again last week but it was in the past two days were it got like really good! Very intense, action packed, impossible fights!

Sometimes I get so invested in these characters that I truly fear for them in each episode and I have been at the edge of my couch these past two nights. 😬

Love this show.

No more HDMIs for you!

I year ago today I wrote:

I feel like an animal swapping HDMI cables, especially in 2019. My tv currently only has 2 HDMI ports. One is always occupied by the Apple TV. The second one sometimes is the PlayStation 4, sometimes is the Xbox or the Nintendo Switch! I need a new tv 📺

Guess what? We did end up acquiring a new TV – still have the same problem in 2020. 😅

Double ! It was much a surprise to find out that I have two copies of my favorite game of all times! 🐍 🐍

Marvel Rumored To Take Over DC Comics - Cosmic Book News

It is claimed that what AT&T is also contemplating, is getting out of the publishing side of things altogether and farming DC Comics out, possibly to Marvel

Uh? 🎶 No hagan caso a esa jugada, son rumores, son rumores.

According to “On-this-Day”, I come to this realization, once a year! 😅

Today is going to be rough. Not only it’s Monday but the little one had a somewhat rough night, which translates into a rough day for me. I don’t want to brain today.

/Marley singing very out off tune/

  • Marley: I sing like Elsa!
  • Me: 😐

Who am I to tell her otherwise? 😅

Boise Brewing Better Hazy Than Never

Name: Better Hazy Than Never
Style: New England IPA
Brewer: Boise Brewing - Boise, Idaho
ABV: 6.0
IBU: 21 Rating: 5/5
Notes: a very nice and delicious hazy ipa

Someone is finding out that walking on grass it’s a little more difficult. ☺️

Marley’s favorite “working station“ — our local beer and food dispensary (as I call it). 😉

Resident Evil 3.


A ton of new images from the Resident Evil 3 remake just leaked, giving us a new look at the unstoppable Nemesis, plus a few other characters and subterranean monsters.

I love the RE franchise and as much as I would love to play this game, I probably won’t. I am a scary cat

Breakside brewery WANDERLUST IPA

Style: Indian Pale Ale
Brewer: Breakside brewery - Oregon
ABV: 6.7
IBU: 64
Rating: 5/5

#mbfeb My kind of spectacle 😚🤙🏼🍻

A thing for toys and Black and white photography.

Every time I start writing (typing) a blog post with tons of links, I am reminded why I used to prefer Ulysses as my main text editor. It’s so much cleaner and way less distracting.

I asked Luna if she was eating chocolate. She said no. I kind of believe her. 😉

#mbfeb Progress

Oh neat! Looks like 2 years ago Today I got my HomePod.

‎🎵 morning tunes Hi Infidelity (30th Anniversary Edition) by REO Speedwagon

I almost stole a car!

I think this is one of the many signs I got today, that I really should use some sleep. First of, I had to drag myself into the gym today. No motivation or energy whatsoever, which made for a somewhat crappy workout. I finished my workout and I get ready to leave.

The gym that I play at, doesn’t have lockers with showers or any of the sorts. I mean it does have bathrooms but nothing fancy. What we have it’s like cubic shelves of some sort where I’d just put there my car keys, the card I use to get into the gym and my power beats pro’s case.

So, I’m leaving and I’ve noticed I had everything (keys, badge and water bottle) but my PBP’s case, I still had them on. I go back and saw the case along with a set of keys and a badge. For like two seconds I thought, “someone else took my PBP’s case!” Right before finishing that thought I’ve realized I had grabbed the wrong keys and the wrong badge. 🤦🏻‍♂️

I put the keys and badge back, grabbed my stuff and walked away like nothing happened.

Right after that I stopped for gas and when I arrived home I realized I have driven all the way back with the gas lid opened. At least it wasn’t the one you twist but the other one.

Scale, both of the girls (Marley and Luna) got shots today. Besides the “sympathy crying and screaming”, it went swell.

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