Oh boy, oh boy !

Rolling Stone:

Tom Cruise soars in the first official trailer for #TopCun: Maverick. Watch it here…

I’m excited !

Apologies for all the spam-ish photo uploads. This is what happens when you delete Instagram and never did a proper port to Mb! πŸ˜…πŸ™πŸΌ

Twelve Strings 🍻


🐢 Junebug


flappy πŸ₯:

[sequel to Thor Ragnarok]

  • me: buying tickets for me and 3 friends FOUR FOR THOR 4 at 4:44, POR FAVOR
  • cinema guy: please stop doing this

I laughed 🀭

Is it just me or this watchOS beta seems snappier than the previous one?


πŸ‘ 🍬 πŸš—

Vroom 🏎

Lin-Manuel Miranda:

Gnight. Double down on hope. Double down on kindness. Double down on your friends. Double down on gratitude.

A tweet worth sharing.

Finally !! Can’t wait to jump in on this one!

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