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Odell Brewing Company Barreled Treasure

Name: Barreled Treasure
Style: American Imperial Stout
Brewer: Odell Brewing Company - Colorado, United States
ABV: 11.0
Rating: 6/5
Notes: my first reaction was Oh My gOd! Thus the reason I have it 6 out of 5 😉

A reward of hidden bliss awaits the intrepid explorer whose liquid journey brings them to Barreled Treasure. An imperial stout aged in both bourbon and rum barrels and awakened with a hefty dose of coffee, Barreled Treasure has a luscious, complex profile packed with aromas and flavors of rich espresso, blackstrap molasses and baker’s chocolate. Your riches await!

Melvin Brewing / Thai Me Up Mind Bloom

Name: Mind Bloom
Style: American IPA
Brewer: Melvin Brewing / Thai Me Up - Wyoming
ABV: 7.0
Rating: 5/5
Notes: delicious

It’s time to open up your senses and experience the Mind Bloom. Mosaic and Motueka hops create bold flavors of ripe melon, mango and mojito in this modern IPA. Fruity and floral things that make you go “Mmmm…”

Crux Fermentation Project Cast Out

Name: Cast Out
Style: American IPA
Brewer: Crux Fermentation Project - Oregon, United States
ABV: 8.0
Rating: 5/5
Notes: I pretty much love everything Crux does, this one been one of my favorite IPAs ever.

Clu’s clues, Sunday’s we drink local.

10 Barrel Brewing Co. Pearl IPA

Name: Pearl IPA
Style: American IPA
Brewer: 10 Barrel Brewing Co. - Oregon
ABV: 8.0
Rating: 5/5
Notes: This is good beer!

Pelican Pub & Brewery The Brewed Abides

Name: The Brewed Abides
Style: English Sweet/Milk Stout
Brewer: Pelican Pub & Brewery - Oregon
ABV: 7.0
Rating: 4/5
Notes: it’s beat if you eat an Oreo after having a sip.

All brewers like a cocktail from time to time, but how about the best of both worlds in this cocktail inspired beer? Taking inspiration from the classic “White Russian” cocktail as well as the movie that made it famous is “The Brewed Abides,” a milk stout with vanilla, coffee and cocoa. This unique beer pours a chocolate color with dense off white head and entices the senses with an aromatic bouquet of vanilla, coffee, and dark chocolate. | Brewed with coffee, cocoa, lactose and vanilla

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Giant hops or artichokes? 😉

She already knows. 😅

No Clu why he’s got a sword, but he’s highjacking an X-wing!


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