Bend Studio #DaysGone:

21 years ago, Syphon Filter released on the PlayStation 1 here in the States! Fun fact - a small handful of the team members who worked on this game/series are still at this studio.

I have fond memories of this game. One of my favorite games of all times.


Cat Quest (Switch) is $3.89 on US eShop…

Oh man !

I can either buy this for the Switch or just play it on Apple Arcade.

Something I liked this week Volume 20.

Devil May Cry - Nintendo Switch

I’ve been playing Devil May Cry 👿 😢 on the Nintendo switch for the past two days. Graphics don’t hold up very well but I have been having a lot of fun replying this classic game. I think I own the HD collection on the PlayStation 4 but, I rather play on the switch these days.

Underwater controls suck and so does the camera. Other than that it’s still a lot of fun!

I still remember when I first got this game on the… PlayStation 2 I think it was? I remember my friend Juan B encouraged me to do so. I have become a fan of the franchise ever since.

Just when I had thought it was over, This guy appears! #Diablo3

I know I should probably be playing Star Ocean but, here we are now. The other day I said, “let’s play some Diablo 3 just for a bit”. A bit has been about a week now.

⭐️ 🌊//👹

Music likes of the week, Mixtape 1.

Cool music , whether they were singles or albums, that I listened this week.

A Star Ocean story.

Well, let me tell you a story. Tonight I decided I needed to play some Star Ocean, on the Switch, as you do. When, something happened.

I was ready to roll out with my crew.

Minding our business. Exploring the wilderness.

Then these guys showed up!

We fought bravely, we fought well. But ultimately, we got our assess handed.

Oh Poop!

The End.

This game for the Switch looks kinda badass! Fight’N Rage.

Set in a far future where humans are enslaved by mutants, Fight’N Rage is a side-scroller beat’em up inspired by the classics from the 90’s arcade gems.

Alright! Love sales 😅

Oh man! Both The Witcher and Yoshi’s Crafted World are on sale 🧙🏼‍♂️ 🦖 😩

Something I Liked This Week Volume 18.

Star Ocean First Departure R on the Nintendo Switch.

Star Ocean First Departure R It’s a remake of Star Ocean: First Departure from the PSP, which itself was a remake of the first Star Ocean for Super Nintendo. So it’s a remake of a remake? (Remakeception!!)

Anyway, I have been playing the heck out of this game for the past week or so (probably the past two weeks). And by heck I mean five hours of playing time, according to my save file. Five hours doesn’t sounds like a lot but it does feels like its been.

My only thing with this game is that, it’s a classic RPG, there’s no guidance except for some information of course through dialog with almost every NPC in the game. And if you step away from the game for a long while, good luck finding your way back into the game, since there isn’t a log system or anything that tells you what you did and what to do next. Or at least I haven’t found anything of the sorts. It reminds me of the days of Final Fantasy VII.

I am very impatient so I find myself YouTube-ing walkthroughs whenever I get stuck and find myself just wondering around like a yahoo and fighting random monsters for no reason other than xp and monies.

I have probably lost my touch with this type of game. Maybe is the reason I have never finished Breath of the Wild for example. Exploring and adventuring it’s something I lack patience for nowadays, I need the game to hold me by the hand and show me where to go and what to do next. I’ve become lazy.

Still I am enjoying the game, until I get to a point where I can’t either figure out what to do or how to beat a boss. Which at that point I will most likely rage-quit the game and damn it all out!

Screenshots from the Nintendo Website

The End.

Someone made a ‎Need For Speed: Underground playlist! This makes me smile. I loved this game and of course its soundtrack.

Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch, has been probably the best RPG for the switch I have played in recent years (or for as long as I have owned the Nintendo Switch). Such a great game!

Eight travelers. Eight adventures. Eight roles to play in a new world brought to life by Square Enix. And now, you can enjoy all of them in the new demo. Step into the shoes and live the stories of each of the eight travelers and freely explore the world of Orsterra. Then, carry your choices and adventure into the main game with save data transfer. Use each character’s special abilities in and out of battle. Break through enemy defenses by discovering and targeting weaknesses. Store Boost Points with each turn and then spend them at strategic times to strengthen abilities, chain attacks, or provide aid. Choose the path you wish to walk and discover what lies beyond the horizon.


Valfaris for the Nintendo Switch. Not gonna lie, this game looks Metal lol, not sure if I would play it though. But just by the looks (and the fact that it’s on sale) I would buy it!

Not gonna lie, this game looks like fun and right up my alley. Plus I want to say I think I remember playing the arcade version of this game, back in the day.

The Ninja Saviors - Return of The Warriors - Nintendo Switch

Games on sale (that I kind of want)

My favorite Video Game(s) of 2019.

According to Nintendo, these are my most played games of 2019.

Yes, I played many hours of these three games, one I’m still playing it — Pokémon Shield. But my true favorite game of 2019 for the Switch it’s KATANA ZERO

As frustrating and difficult as this game can be, I love everything about it! Love the retro look, the action, the music, the colors, the blood (lol), everything! Sadly even though I have so much love for this game, I rage quit it! One day I’ll give it a go again and finish it.

For the Xbox One, it’s definitely Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

I played this game, finished it and started again. I have spent some much money on extra gear and other items. I have over one hundred hours played in this game. I’m a huge fan of the AC series but this game blew my mind!

For the PlayStation 4

Well I didn’t play a lot of PlayStation 4 this year. Mostly was spent between the Xbox and the Nintendo Switch. Probably the last game I played on it was Kingdom Hearts III

Which I kinda drift away from it, because of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey but I’m sure this would have been my pick for this year if I would have stuck with it.

The Decade In Five Games

Pretty solid list, I think, there area few games in it that I either never cared for or knew about. Nier: Automata totally resonated, I loved this game. So much so I own it in two platforms, PS4 and XboxOne.



‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ wins Best Fighting Game at the #GameAwards

Never thought of Smash as a fighting game.

I’ve been eyeing the possibility of playing (acquiring) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Part of me wants it for the Nintendo Switch but it’s 60 USDs. When for the Xbox One, it’s on sale for 11.99 USDs, with GOLD.

VG Games.

There is something that has been on my mind since I think last night. As I have expressed before, there are too many games that have been recently released and that I want to play most of them. But, do I really, want to play them all? Do I want to play them because I am really a fan of the game/franchise? Or, do I want to play these because everybody else is? Everyone is talking about it and, you know, FOMO.

Instead of asking what’s everybody playing and enjoying, I should be asking myself. What brings me joy to play? Is it a racing game instead of, let us say, a Pokemon game. Maybe it’s not a new game that had just come out but maybe revisit an old game that I loved. Like maybe, re-play Assasins Creed Odyssey (for like the 4th time) or even Horizon Zero Dawn (that game was so good).

I feel like in the past I have gotten games for the wrong reasons. “Everyone is talking about this game so I have to play it”! And then I either don’t stick to it or I do enjoy it but maybe I sacrificed another game that probably would have been more in my alley.

Decisions, decisions…


I kind of want a new domain name. 😂🤦‍♂️😅

So Many Games.

So many games, so little time (and perhaps also so little money). Been a gamer, or video games enthusiasts, used to be a lot easier back in the day. Nowadays, not so much! I have been playing video games since forever. The first console I owned I remember was the SEGA Master System. Does anyone remember Alex Kidd in The Miracle World?

Anyhoo, I am still a video game enthusiast these days but as I get older and life gets more complicated, there is less time and patience for video games, sadly enough. There’s very little time for playing, especially when you have kiddos. I currently own a PlayStation 4, Xbox One S, a Nintendo Switch and a Nintendo DS XL (that I barely use at all). Oh! and still, have a Super Nintendo (both the original and the mini one that got released recently) and a GameCube.

I lost my point…

The thing is, I wish I had all the time in the world to play all the good games in all these consoles and systems that I own. Sometimes I want to play games out of nostalgia, Like Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes for example (Nintendo’s remake of Metal Gear Solid from PSone), or Xenogears from PSone. Lately, I have been wanting to play Horizon Zero Dawn for the PS4 again or some Halo on the Xbox. Then on top of all these, you got all the cool Nintendo Switch games that had come out that I also want to play. like Zelda Link’s Awakening, (finish) Astral Chain, Pokemon Shield, (finish) KATANA ZERO even when it’s too difficult and have no patience for it, (finish) Dragon Quest XI (which apparently I lack of the attention span necessary for this game), (finish) Fire Emblem: Three Houses and for whatever reason, I always come back to lay Diablo 3, it’s such a great game. Like I have said, so many games!

One thing I have also been doing in the recent year or so, it’s buying games I already own in other consoles on the Switch as they’ve been coming out. A few examples would be Darksiders and Dragon Ball FighterZ and some other remakes like I want The Witcher III for the Switch as well among others. It’s so much more convenient to play on the Switch these days. I mean with the consoles it seems like it takes forever to just start playing. Plus I can play the Switch while the lady is watching TV, I can take it with me, the games load right up and I can put it aside if I need to take care of something and pick up right where I left off without too much hassle.

Again, I just wish I had more time and attention span!

I have just started playing DRAGON QUEST XI, and I’m into it. DEATH STRANDING, came out this week and POKEMON SWORD & SHIELD comes out this week? I can’t even !!! 😅

Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 gameplay: Three minutes from BlizzCon 2019 - Polygon

Diablo 4 was introduced at BlizzCon 2019 with a long cinematic establishing the story of this chapter in the action RPG series.

I’m sad that is not coming to the Nintendo Switch at launch tho. In the meantime I’ll be playing Diablo 3 on the switch again!

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