a game I liked, Vol 3

Ys Origin on the Nintendo Switch

Enter the World of Ys and discover one of the greatest japanese A-RPG of all time.

If I got my facts correctly, this game had been around since 2006 when it originally released, or 2012 when it was initially localised.It is an action-RPG, think of games like Diablo and or Zelda.

I got this game back in October when released and it wasn’t until these past week when I finally got around it. Blame Ghost of Tsushima and Hades. I am somewhat familiar with the Y’s series of games. Possibly my first Y’s game experience was on the PlayStation 2, I think.

When this one was announced I was already sold. I am a sucker for retro style pixel art action-RPG’s and even more so for dungeon crawlers, which is the vibe this game gave me.

So far I got about 13 to 15 hours into this game and I am having a really good time. You start with two playable characters, each with unique skillsets and powers. Actually, there are three different characters but if I remember correctly you need to finish the game with the firs at two in order to unlock the third. The setting is simple, demons are attacking Y’s, there are these twin goddesses that protect Y’s and they have disappeared in this tower and it’s your mission to find them and rescue them.

And of course, there more to it. The entire game is you in this tower going up from floor to floor

The game is not too difficult, although, I am playing on the easiest setting. I am not for a challenge, I am for a good time and the story. Still the more you progress some enemies get a little challenging to beat. Boss fights are fun, they all have an exploit, it’s just a matter of finding it, and once you do, it’s... not quite a peace of cake but neither frustrating.

So far I am really invested in these characters and the story so far. Like in games like Diablo, there is some grinding, mostly in order to level-up and acquiring gems for upgrades but I think you can get by without too much grinding.

I love the pixel art and the music it’s amazing. I am definitely a fan of this game.

If you are into action-RPG’s, dungeon crawlers and pixels, I highly endorse this game 😎

A Game I liked, Vol 2

Ghost of Tsushima

I can’t believe it took me this long to get this game, and yet, here we are. I remember when I first saw images and game footage of this game and thinking “this game is beautiful and its going to be huge”. The game comes out and it’s an instant people’s favorite but I was still hesitant.

I am a sucker for samurai lore, I think. We all are to an extent. Anything feudal Japan, Samurais , Ninjas ,all of it. As I have expressed many times before, I am a huge of the Assassins Creed series, especially the last two games and Ive always though. Why they don’t make and AC game based on feudal japan? Yes there are other games out there with the same Samurai thematic like NIOH, which in all honesty, it was the game that made me buy a PlayStation 4, along with the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII Remake of course. Another game with the same thematic was Sekiro Shadows die Twice, which I got for the Xbox One. Both of these game, I had stopped playing very quickly, they are, at least to me, too difficult, way too challenging and that took all the fun out of them. Just like the Ninja Gaiden games, I hated the were so difficult. Because of these games, I was hesitant to get Ghost. I was afraid that’s I was going to spend 60 USDs on another unforgiving game and I was going to be sad and frustrated.

Well, turns out, the game it’s actually way more forgiving than the previous games I’ve mentioned. This game plays just like an Assassins Creed game. The combat is fluid, and is not like you need to be on a constant defense position and do perfect parries in order to block your enemies’s defense for a one blow kill. Yes, you could I presume but you don’t have to in order to succeed. Just like the most recent AC games, it is an open world with what it looks like a massive map. There are your main missions, side quests ,random encounters, shrines, camps where you can get upgrades, all of that fun stuff. When I was talking to my friend Justin about this game, my first thought was “Assassins creed and Horizon Zero Dawn had a baby but ditched the mechanical dinosaurs”. I never feel like I am doing chores, if anything I am having the time of my life with this game. After installing it, I played for two and a half hours, non-stop, that’s saying something given my attention span these days.

This game is definitely one of the best games in this generation of consoles and it’s worth every penny.

A Game I liked, Vol. 1

CrossCode on the Nintendo Switch

A fast-paced combat system. 16-bit SNES-style graphics with butter-smooth physics. Engaging puzzle mechanics, served with a gripping sci-fi story. That’s CrossCode.


This game caught my attention solely because of the, as the description says, its 16-bit SNES-style graphics. Like I have said many times before I am a sucker for pixel art1 so I gravitate towards these type of games very easily. The game is also available on GamePass, as a Free-to-play type of deal. Then again, this game called to be played on the Nintendo Switch, to me.

This game makes me think of many other games. The world of this game is setup as an MMO game, the main character is an Avatar within this game although it doesn’t seems like there is a “typical real-user” behind the avatar. I am sure there’s more to this story and I have only scratched the surface with barely a little over 3-hours of gameplay at the time of me typing this.

The game reminds me a lot of .hack//G.U.. Kind of the same setting, MMO-RPG game. That and also, Zelda, you get a lot of similar dungeon settings and various puzzles with little or no enemies at all. Or, your “outdoorsy-like” dungeons where you get to fight monsters, collect items, talk to NPCs and level up. You also have your towns where you can get side quests (there are lots and lots of side quests and I say yes to everything), trade and buy items, etc.

So far I am very intrigued by the story and where it’s going. The main character and how she came about is very interesting to me. There’s definitely something going on in this “virtual-world” and I want to find out more about it. In other words, I am hooked.

The game play is not very complicated and so far its been a lot of fun. The old school pixelated art it’s fantastic and the control mechanics are pretty smooth. Although this game is, again, also free-to-play on GamePass, it is definitely one of those you’d rather have it on the go. Especially since you’d be doing a lot of “grinding” for items and level points to acquire more skills.

I think of this games as if an MMO-like RPG Game (.hack//G.U.was my example), Zelda and maybe even Diablo 3, had a baby.

My only thing with the game so far, and again, I have just played a merely 3-hours, is that the environments (the ones I’va played so far), sometimes, seem like there’s too much going on and you might miss a thing or two. But also, trying to figure out how to get to an item that’s is clearly out in the open can be a nice challenge. Me, personally, if I can’t figure it out right away I’ll probably just say meh and skip it. I am more about smacking the shiat out off some hedgehogs and leveling up 😜

  1. I ❤️ Pixels [return]

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