Commuting Tales, Vol 12.

First snow commute! Although, there isn’t, currently, that much snow and still, some people were panicking-ish. That being said it was still the smoothest ride I have had all week. One thing though, I was listening to a podcast on my way here, as you do, and it was very political. I mean one of the main guests was Tulsi Gabbard. I listened to about thirty minutes, which is how long my commute usually is and I found myself I don’t know. Rather than getting interested in the conversation, as I usually do, I was feeling a wee sad. The whole political scenery and how the game is played and our archaic ways of doing politics are so upsetting, frustrating and depressing. I am not sure I can do another two hours of this podcast.

Commuting Tales, Vol 11.

Today I left the house a little late, I had a hard time getting out of the bed on time, for some reason. I had left my lunch bag at work Friday therefore also left my coffee mug, so I had to improvise this morning to have my coffee to go. Traffic was normal, not a bunch of yahoos on the road, maybe except for the lady behind me that turns out she works here too. But the interesting part about today’s commute was the fact that, man, they change the lanes patterns! I hate it when they do that! I mean, not so much the fact that there’s now a new traffic pattern but the fact that you still see the old one. It trows me/us off, makes everything so confusing and then we all turn into yahoos on the road!

Side Note: Felt like sharing this little story form a fiend on Twitter

Commuting Tales, Vol 10.

On today’s commute! Another smooth ride to works, cold morning, not too much traffic. Left the house on time which helps with not having a lot of traffic I guess. Pretty uneventful, well, I saw one small accident. Apparently, a deer tried to T-bone a large FORD pickup, it seemed like it didn’t go well for the deer and only a dent on the pickup.

Commuting Tales, Vol 9.

This morning’s commute was pretty light, not a whole lot of traffic (at least in my direction). One thing I did notice though, I saw many people in the opposite direction, first, they were moving much slower of course since most of the heavy traffic it’s in the opposite direction. Second, most people, at least 2 out of 5, were all looking down. They were most likely looking and doing something on their phones. No wondering why I see so many accidents in that direction of traffic.

Commuting Tales, Vol 8.

Yesterday my commute back to the house was quite an adventure. instead of the traditional route, I went on a different one. My commute back from work is different from the one in the morning, it’s more country like. However, I went through a different road and it was even more country and a whole different scenery. I have been meaning to start taking pictures of this area, the only problem is that there isn’t enough area to park on the side of the road. Either that or I’m just scared to do so. 😅

Today there is no commute, though. Today I work from home.

Commuting Tales, Vol 7.

Today was strange, I opened my garage door and guess what, it was “daylight”! Then I remembered time has changed and all that jazz. That wasn’t the strangest thing this morning, though, it was the traffic. I don’t know exactly what was going on this morning but I was stuck in traffic in places where there’s usually no traffic at all or very minimal. Maybe is commuters getting used to the new time or whatever? Other than that, smooth ride to work, no accidents to report today.

Commuting tales, Vol 6.

I was late! This morning was way too weird. I do not remember hearing my alarm go off at all! The only reason I woke up was because I noticed Marley getting in the bed. That was around 7:10 AM, I am usually out off the house at 7:10 am at the latest. On top of that, my way here was out of the normal. In one of the roads I usually transit through, they are doing some utility work but the still kept part of the road opened. Except for today of all days of course! I mean I wasn’t like an hour in too late, it was more like 15 minutes or so. Other than the setbacks, it was a smooth ride to work. No accidents noted this morning.

Commuting tales, Vol 5.

It was fucking cold. 🥶

Commuting tales, Vol 4.

A little uneventful this morning, nothing too exciting. I was listening to a podcast on the way to work, The Talk Show with John Gruber, some of might have heard of it before. Nothing related to the podcast perse but I had a though, something I feel like I wanted to write about later today or at some point in time, and it made me think “I need to write this down somewhere somehow before I forget”. It occurred to me, “I have Drafts on my Apple Watch, I should use the dictation feature!”. This is something that I’ve always struggle with, a lot of my ideas come in while I am driving and I never use any of these features that are at my disposal like, Siri/ or Drafts. I believe the reason I don’t dictate my thoughts to Drafts even though I launched the app on my watch this morning and did try to dictate something. It’s “stagefright”. I freeze and forget everything I wanted to tell or record, puff – gone! Isn’t that silly? It’s like the moment I know I am recording myself, even if its just words no audio involved, I freeze and can’t get my thoughts out. This is something I need to work on and get more comfortable doing and it sounds silly but it’s the truth, I swear to Batman!

Commuting tales, Vol 3.

This morning was a little different. Before heading out to work or even dropping the girls at grandma’s, I had to stop for coffee. I stopped at Starbucks which I don’t think it’s great coffee but it’s convenient and I had some momey left from an old giftcard. Anyhoo, after picking up my coffee and dropping off the girls, I head out to work like normal. However, there was this,car in front of me this morning. The first thing I noticed is that it going slower than the speed limit but I didn’t think much of it, plus I am never in a rush so. But then I realized it was driving also a little erratic. She (at this point I realized it was a lady driving) wouldn’t go right away when the light turned green (often doing something and not looking forward), she was kind of going from one side of the lane to the other, sometimes even almost going completely to the other lane. So it started to make me nervous, I didn’t want to drive near this car. A few times I noticed some arm movements and head shaking of sorts, I don’t know if she was fighting with the passenger or what but eventually she pulled to the side of the road. And as soon as she did that I accelerated my car and got as far away as fast as I could 😅.

I don’t know exactly how to explain it but the entire time I was driving behind this car, I was feeling anxious. It wasn’t because she was driving slow at first but that it was erratic enough to just make feel uneasy and, in some way, unsafe.

Long story short, I made it to work, safe and sound (😊) – didn’t die!

Commuting tales, Vol 2.

Today was the most “normal” commute I have had in the past few days. It could be due to the fact that I left the house much earlier than normal. Perhaps? Maybe? Either way, I am glad that I did not get to see any accidents or anything of sorts. The only thing, if anything at all, is that it is very dark and like I have said before there is almost no illumination on this particular road.


It’s Beernes (get it? Beer + Viernes (Friday) = Beer(nes) 😅🍺

Commuting tales, Vol 1.

Judging by this week, it looks like this will be a new series of “tales” in my blog. Yesterday there was an accident which I posted about. This morning there was another accident! (😩) Again they had a block or two closed, I had to find an alternate route and made it 15 minutes “late” to work. I think some contributing factors are, people not paying attention, people driving too fast, it’s getting darker in the mornings and there’s almost no illumination on this particular road. I think it’s time to find another way here.

Commuting adventures.

This morning, since Luna and Marley woke up at the crack of dawn, we left the house early. I dropped off the underage early at granma’s and was making good time this morning. Little did I know! A few days ago I wrote about how stressful my commute can be sometimes. Well, there was an accident this morning, cops closed highway 20, from Star Rd to 11th st. Guess where Syngenta (work) is? Between Star and 11th 😫, luckily I knew about this road that goes behind Syngenta grounds and sneak into highway 20 but between work and Star rd. Probably shouldn’t have been allowed to do that but I needed to get to work. So, I snuck around and when arrived at the intersection there was a cop car (but no cop around which was kind of weird) and the accident was right there. It looks like a pickup truck was trying to cross and hit another car and that other car landed on the field. Crazy shit but I sneak by and made it to work.

Yay me!

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