There’s nothing more disappointing than when one of my kids knocks my beer down. Especially when the glass was halfway empty of a double IPA goodness!

MEOWSA! by Georgetown Brewing Company

Rating: A+

Bad Santa by Pelican Brewing Company

Rating: A

🍺 Lucille by Georgetown Brewing Company

Rating: A

Friday rhymes with pizza and beer.

Voodoo Ranger Higher Plane IPA By New Belgium Brewing Company

Rating: A+

Both my daughters can go to the fridge and bring me a can of beer. My job as a parent here it’s done. πŸ˜…

Black is Beautiful by Western Collective

Chocolate Strawberry Stout

6% ABV | 35 IBU

Rating: A

Vidjia games and beer

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine today. She asked me how thing were going of course, we haven’t seen or talk to each other in a while. We always talk about fitness, well-being and such. She’s a gym rat, dedicated and she currently training for her second competition. So anytime she asks me how things are going, she’s most likely more concerned about my healthy habits.

I am always opened with with her and I told her I’ve been slacking. Like I have been working out here and there but there are never good workouts. What’s a good workout? Well, in my book, a good workout is when (in my case) I am holding the kettlebell with intent. When I am putting effort and watching my posture. When I have a plan and I execute with everything that I’ve got. When I go out and get it!

Lately, if I workout I just swing it. I just do things because I want to just close my rings. Never have a plan, I do things on auto mode. When I go for a run, normally it’ll be at least 3.5 miles. The past few times I’ve run, I am done as soon as I hit the 2 miles mark. After that I don’t care anymore.

I am not sure what happened to my motivation or desire to take care of myself. All I want to do is play video games and drink beer.

🍺 Horsethief Hazy IPA by Sockeye Brewing

Rating: B+

🍺 Jai Alai By Cigar City Brewing

Rating: A+

Healthy goals

I have been indulging way too much these past fours weeks or so. I was doing pretty well as far as staying active, working out, running, eating well and such. Lately though, it’s been pretty bad. It all kind of started with those two to three weeks of field work. By the time I got home I would be exhausted and with no motivation to do any type of physical activities whatsoever and then justifying having a beer or two because “all that hard work”. With that, I was also putting a lot of strain on my legs and back and not taking care of it when I got home. No stretching or conditioning type workouts. Now that I am done with the field stuff and technically back to my old routine, I should be able to pick back up. Nope. All I have been doing it’s being lazy, not paying much attention to what I eat, not drinking as much water as I used to and perhaps indulging too much in other stuff β€” like beer. I have been drinking way too much beer lately, I need to cut down.

I can really feel it on my body, my core doesn’t feel as strong and with that my posture, I am starting to have back problems again, and I am truly starting to feel a little unhealthy. Right now, I don’t dare to go to the scale. Although I really don’t think I have gained much weight, maybe a pound or two but it will be more if I continue down this path.

I need to “write” this out and putting it on my blog so it’s real. To hold myself accountable sort to speak. With that said, most likely starting Tuesday πŸ˜…, I will be making some drastic changes and pick a goal.

Let’s bring sexy1 Gabz back!! πŸ˜œπŸ˜…

  1. by sexy I really mean healthy 😘 [return]

Cactus Attactus by Hopworks Urban Brewery

Rating: A+

🍺 Juicy IPA by Mazama Brewing

🍺 Battlestar by Crux Fermentation Project

🍺 Head Full of Dynomite by Fremont Brewing

My brother sent a beer from back home, Puerto Rico. A local brewery called SeΓ±orial Brewing Co.

It is a Belgian Tripel

10% ABV, notes of honey and candy sugar

This beer always bring back memories did good times in Seattle, where I first found out about this beer.

I did not finish my beer last night! 😱

Dishonour! Dishonour on my whole family! Dishonour on me! Dishonour on my cow!

How are you?

How are you? A very common question with – under ideal circumstances – a simple answer. And yet. Why is that I have a hard time answering it sometimes? How are you doing? The usual response would be, “I am doing well” or “I’m good”.

Very often when I am asked this question, I go down this rabbit hole of questions in my head. Should I just say, “I am doing well, thanks for asking”, you know the normal BS? Shall I say “I am okay”? It’s like this simple question makes me double guess everything in my life up until the moment I am asked. Like what doing well or good really entails? Is it been alive and kickin’? Or is it having a job, especially in the pandemic? Is it not having the COVIDs? Having all your bills paid up, having three beers in the fridge, or having a Gigantamax Charizard in your PokΓ©dex? So many unnecessary questions about what should be a simple answer.

Now this is me opening up a little bit. Many times, when I get asked my head goes to a place of insecurities and darkness. Years ago, when I was working at a company that shall remain nameless, I often was comparing my life to others. Thus, oftentimes I found myself frustrated, very unhappy and maybe even depressed because I wasn’t meeting “the standards”. Standards that I definitely got in my own head, I think.

Again, nowadays, I don’t think about those things anymore or at least not as much as I used to but it lingers. I guess this is why, to me, answering this question is hard at times. Am I doing good because I may or may not be good financially? Am I doing good because of my job title? The car I have, the size of the house I have, etc, etc.

Or just well because I have blessings?

So, let me count my blessings.

  1. I have a wife that loves me (more like she puts up with me lol)
  2. I have two beautiful and healthy daughters.
  3. I have a job that pays for my hosting.
  4. I have three beers and a camera (Ha! Three beers and a Camera, sounds like a good podcast 🍺 πŸ“· πŸŽ™ ).
  5. I don’t have a Gigantmax Charizard yet but I will have it soon 😜
  6. And beta 5 just came out!

I am sure I have more blessings but those are the top 6 at the moment. I think I am doing well enough.

That being said, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re doing good. Or as my friend Justin would say, fabulous 😘

I mowed today, and it’s sunny β˜€οΈ, you all welcome to come and hangout β€” please bring beer tho! πŸ˜…

Beer rates best when it’s over a hundred degrees outside. (sips beer 🍺)

A picture of beertter times…

Simpler times

Yesterday I had posted this picture on my Instagram as a tbt, as kids call it. Then I started thinking a lot about this picture, about those times. This had to be back in 2002-03 , somewhere around there, in Aibonito Puerto Rico. This was my second year of college I think. A simple kind of men (or kids rather) back then, different and much simpler times those were. I even remember I had just broken up with my girlfriend of three years at the time, or was it two years? Eh, it doesn’t matter. Ugh we were drinking Budweiser and smoking cigarettes 🚬

I cannot remember the reason for the “party” though there was a lot of beer and strong alcohol and even a “punk-rock” band. I remember we all, well most of us had a good time. I remember I met a nice girl too, don’t remember her name though.

I miss my friends, haven’t seen any of them in years. Certainly, don’t miss the Budweiser neither the cigarettes πŸ˜…

Bonus Points if you can tell which one is me. 😜

😭😭 she’s only one 😭😭

That being said, if we can get her potty trained before 2yo that’d be sweet! Less money on diapers and more money for beer! πŸ˜‰

On the other hand, this can also be a one off πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

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