Gabz's log. Stardate 2021.7.21

Today was a day. For me, it was another Wednesday where I needed to sort things out at work, get some things done, and hopefully call it a day early. My parents are in town — have been in town — for a few days, so wanted to wrap up early, go home, and spend time with them. Well, the day didn’t go as planned, obviously. Had to track down some samples I received whilst I wasn’t on-site yesterday, that was quick and easy — ish. Then I had my CPR/First responder certification training.


The rest of the afternoon, well, that was a clusterfuck! It’d be nice if people followed process, that would prevent so many issues for sure. And that is all I am saying.

Afterwork, was a lot more enjoyable. I got home, went to pick up a new pop-up canopy with dad. Then we all went for dinner at the Twisted Timber.

Then Dad got me a thing…

And now, we are relaxing before another hectic day — for me — tomorrow.

Gabz/mL @Gaby