Workout notes

First day in a little while of working out outside. Nice weather this morning, felt motivated, grabbed the kettlebell โ€” a broomstick โ€” and went outside. Oh, also a stretch band.

A couple of stretching / warmup exercises using the broomstick and the stretch band, and a few hindu push-ups.

The workout:

  1. Single arm kettlebell swing into a high pull, 3 sets, 10 reps each side.
  2. Clean into squad and press, 4 sets, 8 reps each side.
  3. Burpee to into snatch, 5 sets, 5 each side.

For the burpee you basically do the push-up, one hand on the bell then snatch it. It called for 5 sets of 5 reps each side. I only did 2 sets, I am way out of shape currently.

Doing the high pulls and snatches with my left arm was rough. I am suffering from tennis elbow, I think and god lifting and swinging the bell hurt like hell.

Other than that it was an excellent workout.