Out of luck

Today I stayed and worked from home to since Marley was still a little sick. She is much better today, but we wanted to make sure before sending her back to school.

Now, the problem with this is… Well, as it stands now, if someone in the house is sick, I am supposed to inform work about it. Then they determine whether I shall be allowed back to the site or not. We know for sure that what Marley had is a minor cold related to seasonal allergies. No one else is sick. And like I’ve said, she’s all better now. I asked my supervisor if I shall notify the people in charge of this “COVID task team” and he said it was probably a good idea, that I would be fine. So I did. And now, I can’t come back to the site for 72 hours. That’d be about Thursday that I should be able to come back to the site. But then, I am off on Thursday, school field trip. That would put me back at on-site maybe Friday. In our busiest week as we are preparing our next trial.

We are looking for a ship date of May 5th, and there are lots of seed counting needed to be done.

I shouldn’t have listened to my boss. 😒😅

I mean, I do understand why, and that they want to take precautions, but the timing is just awful, and it frustrates me so much!

Gaby/mL @Gaby