RSSing in the Clouds

I have always liked the idea that if you can cut the middleman, cut the middle man. Especially when you are paying for the middleman. When Reeder came out with iCloud syncing I thought it was the way to go. For whatever reason though, I always had issues with errors, of some blogs, not syncing, or something of sorts. For that reason, I went back to using Feedbin. Then NetNewsWire released their latest iOS beta which includes iCloud syncing, tried it, it’s rock-solid, and canceled my Feedbin subscription again.

The problem is, I am an RSS reader butterfly, I have never been able to use one RSS client. I like them all for different reasons, and by all I mean, Unread, Reeder, and NetNewsWire. Two of them use iCloud syncing but they don’t use the same iCloud, I don’t know, file or puffy cloud? One doesn’t use iCloud and yet it is probably my favorite RSS client. And even if Unread used iCloud, I am sure it won’t pull the articles from the same place (puffy cloud) as the other two, I think.

Thus, if I want to keep my RSS butterfly lifestyle, I need a backend system, like Feedbin.

Gaby/mL @Gaby