I often wonder how other bloggers organize their posts. Do you categorize and tag everything? Is it by year, context, blog site (if you have multiple sites)? Is it worth organizing at all? I often debate about my own organization, if any.

Here’s how my Ulysses looks at the moment;

Organization is minimal, as you can see. Actually, it is almost none existent. I dabble between the same two categories, Inbox and Graz/mL. It should be obvious right. Anything in the inbox is what I am working on. Sometimes even things in the inbox had already been published, but I am lazy, and they can spend days in there until I move them. I have recently created a ‘’Hey’’ one for things published in Hey World, but that’s about it.

‘Shorties’ is supposed to have anything that is 280 character or less, or at least that was the idea. Beer Log, as the name suggests, it’s supposed to have beer related posts but, honestly, I haven’t moved anything into it in a long while.

In other words, everything ends up in Gaby/mL, no tags whatsoever, once its published it just stays in there. And this is now that I am using Ulysses as my main editor. When I was using Drafts, my ‘Publish to Micro.blog’ action would delete the post after publishing.

Maybe I should be more organized? Does it matter, though?

Gabz/mL @Gaby