Small Changes

In my quest for a healthy mindset/lifestyle, I have made some changes. I am not doing my full workout routine and such yet but I have made small changes. For now, I have changed some of my eating habits, eating leaner, eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed stuff, or at least as little as I can. Also and most definitely, cutting down my ale consumption. I have to say, I do feel the difference like my body seems, happier in a way. I like how it feels. Now, I need to up my activity. It is getting warm out so it is time for outdoor workouts or at least to try to go for runs if I can. Last week I did some Apple Fitness and that helped a bit. Even my back pain has gone away, which is interesting. Sometimes I want to change a lot in no time and then I get both overwhelmed and frustrated.

I like where this is going, just need to keep it up.

Gaby/mL @Gaby