Out of wack

This should probably be a commuting tales post, but I haven’t been too consistent with that so…

Anyhow, this morning like every damned morning I am taking my regular commute to work. I know I am a few minutes behind schedule, but I know I’ll be arriving mostly on time. As I am getting closer to the site, I noticed most cars are turning left on a street instead of going straight. Well, turns out coops had one block of the highway blocked. And guess where my work-site is?

Just like every other driver I turned left then tried to find another way to sneak into work. I could have cut through the field, which there’s nothing planted at the moment, but I didn’t. Later I realized that cops would let you go through as long as you let them know you worked here.

Obviously, there was a car accident going on, but what freaked me out a bit was that the accident was right by my work-site. Once I have made it to work and got into me morning check-in meeting, my first question was. Was it someone we know? The answer was, yes. Every time I see local news about an accident or something bad, I always think the same thing, “I hope this is not someone I know. Well, in this case, it was someone I knew. They are okay though, apparently the accident involved three cars, and I only got to see one of them been taken away.

Now, this whole, unfortunate event, made me realize how much of a creature of habit I am. This event took me out of my routine, and now I am not only worried about my co-workers but out off wack!

Gaby/mL @Gaby