5G, is it, really worth it?

I came across an article this morning, Do you turn off 5G to preserve your iPhone 12’s battery life? by iDB.

Last year, Apple introduced the iPhone 12 lineup. At the same time, the company also confirmed the handsets would feature 5G connectivity for faster cellular service. They did that alongside Verizon, with the carrier touting its network coverage and speeds. What they did not do, though, is tell folks that keeping 5G on would noticeably impact battery life on your new phone.

I haven’t worried about battery life at all for years now, specially with the iPhone 11, that thing was rock-solid when it came to battery life. Now that I have an iPhone 12 mini, I find myself thinking about battery life, but just a little. Then I read the article, and about 5G making an impact on battery life. Furthermore, I had no idea, you could even turn 5G off, so today I’ve learned a new thing. Then I went to compare speeds between LTE and 5G in my area. And this is what I got,



(Keep in mind, this is Idaho 😅)

There is a noticeable difference, not crazy but a difference. But also makes me think, is it worth it? I mean, keeping 5G on all the time? Does it really make a difference when it comes to day-to-day use?

Also, I don’t know how much turning 5G off would help with battery life, if at all. I guess I’ll find out today.

Gaby/mL @Gaby