by Gaby

Podcast applications wars

Just like to-do apps, or pretty much any “productivity” app out there, it’s hard to find the perfect one or stick to one. The Same case, at least for me, is with podcasts apps. For music app there is only one and that is Apple Music. There, I’ve said it.

Now, back to podcasts! My two most used podcast apps have always been Overcast and Castro. I have tried the stock apple podcast app, but it just doesn’t work for me for whatever reason, it never sticks. I have to say that my first podcast app that I ever used was Pocket Casts for a long time until Overcast came around, and I think it was free with in-app purchase at the time. I think, I don’t remember much it’s been to damn long. For all these years I have always bounced between Overcast and Castro, love them both for different reasons.

Then Overcast started feeling old, and stale, not much innovation or… Well, if it ain’t broke… But still, I feel like I am paying for a yearly subscription and not getting much out of it. I have mad love for Castro because of the inbox system, it’s easy to triage my queue and most important thing, it has a pink icon. Sadly, the app has been a little buggy for me lately, they are pushing fixes and whatnot, but it doesn’t feel as reliable for me as it used to. Which is a good thing to say about Overcast, the app it’s still rock solid, or at least for me.

Now, Pocket Cats its back into my device, it has been for a month or so now and so far, I am really liking it. I got to admit that there is some getting used to because I feel like the user interface and certain aspects of the app, are a little different from the other two. It doesn’t have the audio clip sharing that both Castro and Overcast have but, so far, it ain’t a big deal. I have paid for the year subscription and will keep it on my phone and give it a real go before I decide what to do. But, so far, Pocket Casts is the king of the pods in my Macintosh cellular device.

What’s in your Macintosh device? 😉