by Gaby

Playing with writing my setup

In the past month or so, well, in my mind it has been about a month but who really knows, I have been playing with my writing setup.

Before and for the longest time it was always all over the place. Sometimes I would stick to using Drafts, but I always thought that using drafts to post to came with a lot of “hacks”. Ulysses has always been my favorite text editor, but it didn’t support posting to Then iA Writer came around with their latest update with support.

So, this was my setup since then. Short and quick posts were composed and published using Drafts and long format posts with images (or without) using iA Writer. This setup worked fine, for a while, until

Just like many other Micro.blogers, I have been bugging the Ulysses team for the longest time for support. I always got the same sort of respond, “We are working on it”. Well, let’s just say that there may or may not be a beta currently out there with support. And let us imagine that I may or may not have been using this beta. If all of that were true, well, 90% of my posts may or may not have been composed and published from Ulysses. Why Ulysses? I am a fan of their Revision mode, is like having a built-in Grammarly. Also, I like the way it handles links, it’s much cleaner.