by Gaby

Bird poop

I had this weird dream last night, weird and very vivid too. Vivid and weirdly enough to make me write about it.

The first part of it, it’s a little blurry, I was back home, in Puerto Rico on some kind of school trip. I remember being sitting in the yellow school bus. Many of my high school friends were there, I remember each of their faces. Where we were going and where we ended up, I do not remember.

All of a sudden, I’m on the rooftop of a tall building. There were other much taller buildings around me, all with glass windows. Kind of like the one you might have seen in the movie The Matrix. Like the one Trinity hits when escaping the helicopter that is about to clash to the building. On that roof, was also my father, and we were talking. I was asking him questions. I do not remember the questions nor the answers, but I suspect there were related to my mom and their relationship

As we were talking, all of a sudden, an aerial type show, and there were a few dozens on planes of different kinds and shapes flying and doing tricks in the air and synchronized, it was cool. I remember I took one of my phones out off my pocket and started recording, “I need to share this with the guys in the chat!”, I said to myself. Once the spectacle was ended, a big airplane appeared, it was like one of those Boeing 737. It was sort of suspended midair right next to the building I was on. And someone down on the ground announced some in the lines of, “now, this plane is going to come down, cut through the tall building’s side, and windows without collapsing it”.

Somehow, I grabbed my backpack and jumped into the airplane as I wanted to be part of it, there were more “passengers”. The plane flys down, slowly, it’s right-wing cutting through the glass and the building is not collapsing.

We get to the ground, safe and sound, but I remember I had forgotten my backpack in the plane. Then I was told, “oh no, everything in the plane it’s pretty much lost at this point, here”. The guy handed me a detailed list of all the items I had lost. It had listed my camera and all the lenses I had, a couple of random items and my two phones. Then I started thinking, “how am I going to tell my boss I have lost the company’s phone”.

Then I was at the airport, looking for a flight home, and home was Puerto Rico, I remember the ticket had as its final destination SJU. I was freaking out because I had no face mask, it was in my lost backpack and I had no money to buy one. Not only that, but I remember telling myself or thinking, “just don’t touch anything and if you do, wash your hands and don’t touch your face”. Once I found my gate I realized I still had to go through some kind of TSA like checkpoint. I was in line and there was this kid asking something to his that, I don’t remember what, but I remember it was in a “dumb-like” manner and the guys behind me started laughing and making fun of the kid. The kid’s dad turns around and yell at the guys and whatnot, and I sigh, and do a facepalm expression. Then I realize I had touched my face and I go…


And then I woke up.

The End