by Gaby

🔗 Reaching out

This was a nice read by Greg Morris

I urge you all to do the same, reach out to a loved one, friend, colleague or neighbour and just check in. I brief message just saying you are thinking of them can mean the world in difficult times.

It made me think. I always say that I suck at being a friend, in some ways I may, I don’t know. Perhaps I don’t reach out to friends as often as I should or look after them? And yet, I am the type of friend — I think — that even if you don’t hear from me the entire year, at least you will on your birthday. It is probably the one good thing Facebook has ever done for me, I think, somehow syncing my friends’ birthdays into my calendar. And even without facebook I put an effort into gathering that information if possible. Perhaps because for me, my birthday it’s kind of a big deal, and love when others remember. So, I try to do the same? I am not trying to say that just by remembering someone’s birthday will make you the best friend in the world, but it is something, I’d think.

But Greg is right, especially in times like these when we don’t get to see friends and family and/or colleagues as often, it is important to reach out. Even if it’s a meme, or a dad joke or just yo!

Even if they don’t reply…