by Gaby

commuting tales, vol 13

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Unlike many people I know, today it is not a day off for me. Thus, like every Monday morning, I ready myself to go to work. I opened the garage door and the first thing I see is a very dense fog, not ideal. I get on the road and noticed there were “glassy” looking — not good. These days I am always rushing, and it is early enough in the morning — about 4:40 AM — that I barely encounter other drivers. At least until I get to the freeway, that is.

My car did slide a bit when I was turning right into one of the main roads. At that point I knew I need to take it slow and with caution.

Once I got merged into the freeway, there were more drivers than before but still not as many as there would be on regular hours. In normal conditions and like many of the other commuters, I would go over the speed limit. (I know that’s bad, sorry 😉) This time around though, I was doing the speed limit. When all of a sudden I noticed this car in the middle lane in full stop, making me having to make a rather abrupt change of lanes to the right. What I had noticed, when looking at my mirror is that a small pick-up truck had spanned and the bed of the truck had hit the barrier that separates the freeway 😳

This winter he hadn’t gotten much snow over here, which in many ways it’s a bad thing. What we have gotten though, are many mornings of icy roads.