by Gaby

almost lost it, again

Lost my wallet, again. Well, not quite but almost.

Today we were getting ready to go on a quick stop to the pharmacy. When I realized my wallet was not found. I started looking at the usual places with no luck. Kept looking for a while when I started panicking a bit. Oh no, not this again. Last time was a nightmare.

I started tracing back my yesterday’s steps. When to my local grocery store, bought a few things, got back to the car. Then I went to the pharmacy, remembered having my wallet by the passenger’s seat with the card I was going to use, sticking out for fast easy access. Paid for my prescription and drove home. Put my wallet and everything else on the kitchen table as usual and that was the last time I had seen it.

Today I had my prescription still at the table, even the card I used to pay for it but no wallet. After an hour of looking around, I found it, underneath a bookcase, a very random and unusual place. Our theory, it was Luna, she probably was playing with my wallet by the manger we have setup.

I am gonna have to start creating a habit of putting my wallet in my backpack or somewhere out of Luna’s reach 😅