by Gaby


These days I am less and less interested in what used to be my go-to and favorite thing, technology podcasts. I still do listen to a few, like The Rebound, it's a fun and festive one β€” to me at least. In the end technology podcasts just bored me to death.

What I have been listening to a lot of are music-related podcasts, video games, movies, history, monsters, and mythology. Legends of old and historical tales. Or simply people chatting about stuff, not necessarily technology or any topics specifically but cool stuff that I can relate to.

Mythology and monsters are something that really fascinates me. The fact that these tales of creatures are out there is very interesting to me, same with mythology in general. It is like part of me wishes these creatures and tales were true a hundred percent (some of them), that these beings existed or do exists still.

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