by Gaby

I went walking

Today I went for a walk, just like friend of the blog Maique 😄. Except that for me wasn’t on the street but rather more “outdoorsy” — more wilderness.

I went to the foothills, something I have been craving on doing for quite sometime. I would dare to say it has been over a year since I last hiked the foothills. I really needed it, my mind and soul needed it. Went to my favorite spot, Military Reserve, is the ones I am most familiar with and know pretty well. Even then, at one point I double-guessed myself to whether I was lost or not, but I wasn’t. I still knew my way around.

I was having fun, like I’ve said, it had been a while and I was happy to be back on the foothills, until. Besides me, there are a few folks on mountain bikes. I think I encountered a total of six bikers. The rule around here is that they make space for me not me for them, but still, I always walk on the side of the trail and if I see someone coming towards me, I step outside of the trail to let them pass. And they are always very nice about it, say good-morning and thank you. It is sometimes hard to see when they are coming behind me though, I do try to stay alert the best I can in case i need to steep out of the trail.

One lady comes from behind, I noticed her when she was very close, but I still had enough time to notice and step away from the trail, and she yells Thank you. A few minutes later, another lady on a bike, I noticed her and stepped away from the trail, but she was still coming too fast. She realized that and she stills try to move to the oposite side of the trail from where I was. Unfortunately she lost control of the bike a little bit and she fell from the bike. I felt so bad, so so bad. I asked her if she was okay, she seemed to have hit hard the ground with her knee. I stayed right with her, she asks for my hand and helped her to get on her feet. She walked, trying to shake it off, holding my hand, obviously in pain. She walks, stands up for a bit, turns out the forms lady that passed me by a few minutes earlier was her daughter but at this point she was far away. She asures me that she’ll be fine and decides to get on her bike and kept riding way. I never saw either of them through the reminder of my hike.

By then I had about a mile or so left, that last mile was not as fun. All I could think of was the lady that fell from her bike. Questioning myself if that could have gone differently. What’s it my fault? What if I was further away from the trail? Was she’s going to be okay? Also kept looking behind me more often than looking forward.

I do hope she’s okay.

Besides that incident, it was fun. I think.