by Gaby

i still prefer my camera

It is obvious that cameras have gotten better an better over the years on the iPhone and other mobile devices. Cameras are getting amazing, wide angle and telephoto lenses, system-wise processing, all the goods. I see pictures other people post around and they are outstanding and what’s even more Crazy-Town Banana-Pants, there have been taken with iPhones. I myself have experienced this, with my iPhone 11, some of the pictures I take with it, the quality of them are as good and sometimes even better than what I get with my Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III.

Still, I prefer my Oly for my most of my photography. There’s something about holding a camera in my hand that can’t compare with just holding your iPhone to take a picture. Think about how much of our writing and texting is done on computers, our phones, tablets, etc. But there is also something about getting a fancy pen and write fancy words on a fancy notebook or piece of paper. I guess something similar goes with using an actual camera to take a picture instead of your mobile device.

Speaking of fancy, I am looking to upgrade my camera gear. Most likely it’ll be a Fuji. I would also like a Leica but they are pretty damn expensive.