let go?

Work, for these past two weeks or so, I feel it to be a little stressful. A lot of things going on and for some reason I am finding myself, not having a good time. My wife, in all her wisdom, suggested I need to disconnect, take some time off, even if it’s just one day. She might be right but even that, stresses me out. Since I have started this job over a year ago, I have taken only one day off, not counting holidays. But also the thought of been away from work a day or two worries me. Yes, other people can do what I do but most of them haven’t done what I do since I took over those responsibilities. What if they need me? I hat if something gets missed? Etcetera… Like having a hard time letting go.

Still, I do feel in my heart that I need to disconnect a bit. Recalibrate myself, sort to speak — recharge.

Gaby/mL @Gaby