it talked

I think my phone hit the floor really hard yesterday. I mean, obviously, the back it’s cracked but the most random thing yet happened today. I arrived home from work and started to get lunch ready (as you do) as well as my work computer so I could join our check-in meeting. Not only my computer was acting all weird but my phone started talking.

For a moment I tough I had connected to the zoom-meeting and two of the girls in the lab were talking. With the only difference that it wasn’t a work related conversation but rather about climate change. I didn’t think any of it for a second since the meeting didn’t officially start. When I realized that the voices weren’t coming from the computer but from my phone.

The weirdest thing was, I had no idea where it it was coming from. What’s it my podcast app? Unlikely, all I had in my queue are 3 podcast episodes all with dudes. Music app? It was clearly a conversation, podcast format, like interviews type, not music. There was no audio controls from any app on the screen or on the Apple Watch. All I could do to make it stop was to turn off the phone and turn it back on.

Either my phone has gotten bonkers or the chocarreros spirits…

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