virtual photography

Them vidjia games, especially on this last generation of consoles, have some sort of photo mode. Where you can freeze a moment in time, manipulate it, and have a nice “screenshot” basically. I have never been to keen for this particular feature in games until, Ghost of Tsushima.

And here is why.

If you read this blog, you are well aware of my fascination – or obsession – with Ghost of Tsushima. Currently, I am in my third play-through of the game, anxiously awaiting for the upcoming update. The game’s gorgeous, a lot of times I find myself just wondering around and admiring the scenery. The developers of this game have put to much work and it looks so amazing that it would be a crime not to marvel at it. This has made me dabble a little bit into the photo mode. Especially when I saw what these guys on twitter, also known as “virtual photographers”, are doing with these pictures. They are amazing and they’ve inspired me to make my own “virtual pictures” of this game.

Here are some of my favorite images for Twitter user The Fourth Focus;

It is impressive the amount of things you can do on this photo mode.

Another guy that’s making amazing virtual photography on this game, is Bedan Kimeira.

As I had mentioned, these guys are inspiring me to try to do my own thing. I definitely have much more to explore to get as close as these images.

Here are a few I had taken myself.

Still not even close, in my opinion but it is a lot of fun taking these snapshots and play with the settings to get this outstanding images.

Gaby/mL @Gaby