by Gaby

Forget I have it

I am not sure if it’s too much time on my hands at times or is it boredom or what, but I find myself fiddling too much with my site. By fiddling, I mean more like switching themes back and forth, usually between Marfa and Kiko, probably my two favorite theme templates available. I also like Hello a lot but “On this Day” doesn’t work on it and that’s kind of a deal-breaker.

I need to forget I have a blog! Just concentrate on posting and forget about how it looks. Realize that most people will read it – if the read at all – using an RSS reader. Thus, make me the only person in the world (I think) that cares about how my blog looks.

This morning I had switched my site to Marfa – again. Comeback by the end of the week and see what I got next.

Unless I take my own advice and forget I have it.