it was the one

A week or so ago I’ve lost my wallet. I lost my debit card, my PayPal card and my super secret company’s travel card, and my driver’s license. Everything is replaceable, well, almost everything. So far, I’ve gotten a new debit card, today I got a new PayPal card, I am yet to get my company’s card replacement and my license. The DMV it’s super slow for these things, so I am not surprised I haven’t gotten my driver’s license yet.

What I am not going to get replaced, is the wallet. I am mourning this wallet. It was the best wallet I’ve ever owned. Bought it about three years ago from Pad & Quill and hadn’t bought another wallet ever since. Sadly, they don’t have it on their site anymore. Now I need to go wallet hunting and it’s probably just as bad as job hunting 😅.

Gaby/mL @Gaby