Is the same response

This week I got the beta for Ulysses, I think it’s Ulysses Version 21. Playing with this app again as my main text editor, it’s like finding an old love. I have always been a fan of the way this app looks and feels. Love the way it handles links, it’s a pretty slick, minimalistic and powerful.

I have been using Drafts, since forever for everything text related and most recently for all my writing. Occasionally I’d use iA Writer, especially since the last mayor update, but Drafts has been the go-to for everything. I was a heavy Ulysses user when I had my blog hosted with Wordpress, since I could compose and post straight from the app to it. Sadly, Ulysses does not support, or doesn’t have the Micropub feature (yet), making it impossible to compose and post from the app to, where my blog is currently hosted. Which is why I had stopped using Ulysses and moved to Drafts and/or iA.

Every chance I get, I would harass the Ulysses people on Twitter asking for this feature and always get the same response

I’ve +1’d the feature request for Micropub in your name, so please consider your vote counted. I can’t make any promises, but your feedback is highly appreciated. Thank you for helping us to continuously improve our app!

That was today actually and probably the 5th time I’ve gotten this same response

One day, they did have a different response, though. They said they were kind of working on it, I remember taking a screenshot of the tweet and probably posted it here on, but I am not going to look for it 😜

I really hope they add this feature, I really like this app and would love to continue using it. For the time being, I am composing in Ulysses, exporting as Markdown and then copy and paste to the app or Gluon. It’s kind of a hassle but I also want to test this version of the app and help in any way I can. I wonder how is going to go the moment I need or want to add images to my post. Normally, I would use iA Writer exclusively when adding images, it makes it so easy to do so and then posting directly from the app to

Again, like finding an old love or maybe I am just in the honeymoon period.

Will see.

Gaby/mL @Gaby