by Gaby

Managing buckets

Not going to lie, this will most likely, well, this is another Task Managers type post. This is a constant struggle for many of us, some have settled and found their best app/workflow and that is cool. Me, well, some may say I’ve got a problem 😅

Last night I was thinking about this long and hard. After some thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that, as far as my personal life, I don’t have that many buckets. Where I do have many buckets is at work and I feel like I don’t need to carry that with me all the times on my personal phone.

For my personal bucket, I am just going to stick to Reminders, I don’t have a lot of organization in there, just lists and there aren’t that many. It is simple, works great with Siri and notifications stay persistent on the locks screen, thus I rarely miss anything.

For my work buckets, I am just going to really on good-old Todoist. Sadly, I am all Windows at work making Todoist the best option for me. I really do like Things 3 but I need a full-on tasks manger only for work and, like I have said before, I work on Windows therefore, Things 3 is not an option.

Let us try and see how this works out.