by Gaby

404 Not found

I have misplaced my wallet and other items many times before. With some patience and mad searching skills 😝, they usually turn out. Whenever I misplace my wallet it usually turns out to be in a pocket in my backpack that I have forgot about, my car or in the washer 😅

This time around I knew in my heart “, after searching on all these places, the thing it’s gone. Last time I had used my wallet was on Friday, I remember I bought the Super Mario’s 3D All-Stars game. I might have gone to our local market for bred after. Yesterday I didn’t leave the house for anything so it wasn’t until this morning that I realized it was gone.

I did panic a wee bit, searched the entire house, called the two palaces I had been, almost sure it wouldn’t be at those places. After half of day of searching I had to call my bank and cancel my debit card make an appointment to get another driver’s license and cancel my PayPal debit card. However, what made me rally panic was company’s travel credit card, lots of monies that it ain’t really mine. Which it was the first thing I got taken care of.

This is the first time I have ever lost my wallet in such a way.

What I am really sad about is the wallet itself. It was a nice thin leather wallet from Pad & Quill and they don’t have it anymore 😢

On a much better note, we have purchased Mario Kart for the Nintendo Switch 😁👍🏼