by Gaby

Marley goes to the doc.

Today was a “working from home” day. Marley, caught a a fever last night. She wasn’t feeling well. Not to risk her cousin’s well being at grandma’s, I stayed home with her.

Not her normal self, which hurts more to me than to herself. Not eating or playing just laying on the couch shivering and watching movies. Eventually called the doctors office, mostly to my wife’s request. At first I was advised to wait it out for a bit since all symptoms had just started last night.

Midday comes around and Marley, on her own accord, tells me, “papá, I want to go to the doctor”.

That took me by surprise.

I called again, and they scheduled us for a visit. She was so cooperative and so well behaved. Usually that is not the case.

After examining her, the doctor decides to perform a strep throat test. Doctor comes back , “Glad she asked to be seen, test is positive”.

There is something about Marley that we cannot quite explain. Well, maybe we can but not in a conventional way. She has this six sense, she sense things, she sees things in ways that for some people may be somewhat creepy. For us, this is a normal thing. Which is why, a lot of the times, when Marley talks — we listen.