by Gaby

With no boots

I want to say I may have started my year two at this company, with the right foot - ish. I got to finished all my “minor tasks for the week but more importantly, the Grow out.

You know that feeling that sometimes you get when leaving the house, that you forgot something. Like, did I forget my headphones or my wallet – the stove on. Those are usually the things I think of every time. However, today, I was sure I didn’t forget my wallet, stove was definitely off, I was doubtful about my headphones and my boots 🥾. I take off my boots every day before walking into the house, so I don’t get the carpet all dirty and leave them by the car. Then every morning I see them on the floor by the car and take them with me. I guess this morning I didn’t look down 😅

The thing is, yes I did forget my headphones, at least my Power Beats Pro. I did have my regular EarPods as backups at least. When I was about to head out to the field, well, I opened the trunk and quickly realized, the boots aren’t there. Lucky for me, I had an extra pair of tennis shoes 👟 that I was willing to get dirty. I was so determined to finish this thing that I didn’t care. I didn’t want to call it off and have to comeback the next day knowing I was going to finish today so I said fuck it.

Tennis shoes need a good wash but again, I finished the damn thing and I am so happy 😃 , even if I did it with no boots 🥾